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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Industrial Specialization, Catching-up and Labour Market DynamicsLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
1999 The European Unemployment Problem: A Structural ApproachLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
1999 Convergence Patterns at the Industrial Level: the Dynamics of Comparative AdvantageBurgstaller, Johann; Landesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2000 Potential switchovers in comparative advantage: Patterns of industrial convergenceLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2000 Potential Switchovers in Comparative Advantage: Patterns of Industrial ConvergenceLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2001 Competitiveness of CEE Industries: Evidence From Foreign Trade Specialization and Quality IndicatorsHavlik, Peter; Landesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2001 International Outsourcing and the Skill-Specific Wage Bill in Eastern EuropeEgger, Peter; Stehrer, Robert
2001 Industrial specialisation, trade, and labour market dynamics in a multisectoral model of technological progressStehrer, Robert
2001 Trade Liberalization and Labour Markets: Perspective from OECD EconomiesLandesmann, Michael; Leitner, Sebastian; Stehrer, Robert
2001 Industrial Specialization, Trade, and Labour Market Dynamics in a Multisectoral Model of Technological ProgressStehrer, Robert
2001 International Outsourcing and the Skill-Specific Wage Bill in Eastern EuropeEgger, Peter; Stehrer, Robert
2001 Expenditure Levels, Prices and Consumption Patterns in a Cross-Sectioin of CountriesStehrer, Robert
2001 Technological Convergence and Trade PatternsStehrer, Robert; Wörz, Julia
2002 Trade Structures, Quality Differentiation and Technical Barriers in CEE-EU TradeLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2002 The CEECs in the Enlarged Europe: Convergence Patterns, Specialization and Labour Market ImplicationsLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2002 Industrial Diversity, Trade Patterns and Productivity ConvergenceStehrer, Robert; Wörz, Julia
2002 Technical Change, Effective Demand and Economic GrowthLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2004 Modelling International Economic Integration: Patterns of Catching-up, Foreign Direct Investment and Migration FlowsLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert
2004 Dimensions of Quality Upgrading in CEECsDulleck, Uwe; Foster-McGregor, Neil; Stehrer, Robert; Wörz, Julia
2004 Global Growth Processes: Technology Diffusion, Catching-up and Effective DemandLandesmann, Michael; Stehrer, Robert