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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Cost heterogeneity and the potential savings from market-based policiesNewell, Richard G.; Stavins, Robert N.
2002 Muffled price signals: Household water demand under increasing-block pricesCavanagh, Sheila M.; Hanemann, W. Michael; Stavins, Robert N.
2002 The effects of potential land development on agricultural land pricesPlantinga, Andrei J.; Lubowski, Ruben N.; Stavins, Robert N.
2002 Experience with market-based environmental policy instrumentsStavins, Robert N.
2002 Interpreting sustainability in economic terms: Dynamic efficiency plus intergenerational equityStavins, Robert N.; Wagner, Alexander F.; Wagner, Gernot
2002 Lessons from the American experiment with market-based environmental policiesStavins, Robert N.
2002 National environmental policy during the Clinton yearsCavanagh, Sheila M.; Hahn, Robert W.; Stavins, Robert N.
2002 Environmental policy and technological changeJaffe, Adam B.; Newell, Richard G.; Stavins, Robert N.
2003 Private Options to Use Public Goods Exploiting Revealed Preferences to Estimate Environmental BenefitsSnyder, Lori D.; Stavins, Robert N.; Wagner, Alexander F.
2003 Thirteen Plus One: A Comparison of Global Climate Policy ArchitecturesAldy, Joseph E.; Barrett, Scott; Stavins, Robert N.
2008 Comparing price and non-price approaches to urban water conservationOlmstead, Sheila M.; Stavins, Robert N.
2008 A meaningful US cap-and-trade system to address climate changeStavins, Robert N.
2008 Corporate social responsibility through an economic lensStavins, Robert N.; Reinhardt, Forest L.; Vietor, Richard H. K.
2008 What drives land-use change in the United States? A national analysis of landowner decisionsStavins, Robert N.; Lubowski, Ruben N.; Plantinga, Andrew J.
2008 Linkage of tradable permit systems in international climate policy architectureStavins, Robert N.; Jaffe, Judson
2008 Addressing climate change with a comprehensive US cap-and-trade systemStavins, Robert N.
2010 The problem of the commons: still unsettled after 100 yearsStavins, Robert N.
2010 Three key elements of post-2012 international climate policy architectureOlmstead, Sheila M.; Stavins, Robert N.
2010 Interactions between state and federal climate change policiesGoulder, Lawrence H.; Stavins, Robert N.
2010 The effect of allowance allocations on cap-and-trade system performanceHahn, Robert W.; Stavins, Robert N.