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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004Do Bank Mergers Affect Federal Reserve Check Volume?Stavins, Joanna
2006Consumer behavior and payment choice: A conference summaryCrowe, Marianne; Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2007Consumer behavior and payment choice: 2006 conference summaryCarten, Margaret; Littman, Dan; Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2008Credit card debt and payment useSprenger, Charles; Stavins, Joanna
2008Summary of the Workshop on Consumer Behavior and Payment ChoiceSchuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2009Why are (some) consumers (finally) writing fewer checks? The role of payment characteristicsSchuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2010Mobile payments in the United States at retail point of sale: Current market and future prospectsCrowe, Marianne; Rysman, Marc; Stavins, Joanna
2010Who gains and who loses from credit card payments? Theory and calibrationsSchuh, Scott; Shy, Oz; Stavins, Joanna
2011An economic analysis of the 2010 proposed settlement between the department of justice and credit card networksSchuh, Scott; Shy, Oz; Stavins, Joanna; Triest, Robert
2012How consumers pay: Adoption and use of paymentsSchuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2012Effects of credit scores on consumer payment choiceHayashi, Fumiko; Stavins, Joanna
2012Explaining adoption and use of payment instruments by U.S. consumersKoulayev, Sergei; Rysman, Marc; Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2013Security of retail payments: The new strategic objectiveStavins, Joanna
2013The Credit CARD Act of 2009: What did banks do?Jambulapati, Vikram; Stavins, Joanna
2014Merchant steering of consumer payment choice: Evidence from a 2012 diary surveyShy, Oz; Stavins, Joanna
2015How do speed and security influence consumers' payment behavior?Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2016Are there social spillovers in consumers' security assessments of payment instruments?Kahn, Charles M.; Liñares-Zegarra, José M.; Stavins, Joanna
2016The effect of demographics on payment behavior: Panel data with sample selectionStavins, Joanna
2017Payment discounts and surcharges: The role of consumer preferencesStavins, Joanna; Wu, Huijia
2018Credit card debt and consumer payment choice: What can we learn from credit bureau data?Stavins, Joanna