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1978 Economic-Demographic Interactions in Agricultural Development: The Case of Rural-to-Urban MigrationStark, Oded
1978 Technological Change and Rural-to-Urban Migration of Labour: A Micro-Economic Causal Relationship in the Context of Less Developed EconomiesStark, Oded
1979 Income Distribution, Fertility Decisions and the Shadow Wage Rate: Implications of a New Approach to Rural-to-Urban Migration in LDCsStark, Oded
1980 On the Role of Urban-to-Rural Remittances in Rural DevelopmentStark, Oded
1980 On Slowing Metropolitan City GrowthStark, Oded
1981 The Asset Demand for Children During Agricultural ModernizationStark, Oded
1984 A Note on Modelling Labour Migration in LDCsStark, Oded
1984 Migration decision making: De Jong, Gordon F. and Robert W. Gardner, eds., (Pergamon, New York, 1981)Stark, Oded
1984 Bargaining, Altruism, and Demographic PhenomenaStark, Oded
1986 Urban External Economies and Optimal MigrationShukla, Vibhooti; Stark, Oded
1986 Migration, Markets, Clusters and CooperationStark, Oded
1987 Remittances, exchange rates and the labor supply of Mexican Migrants in the U.S.Fox, Marc; Stark, Oded
1988 On marriage and migrationStark, Oded
1991 Fertility, Drought, Migration, and RiskStark, Oded
1991 Migration in LDCs: Risk, Remittances, and the FamilyStark, Oded
1994 Migration, Human Capital Formation, and Long-Run OutputGalor, Oded; Stark, Oded
1994 Market Environment, Trade Technology, and Migrants' PerformanceStark, Oded
1994 Patterns of Labor Migration when Workers Differ in Their Skills and Information is AsymmetricStark, Oded
1995 Return and Dynamics: The Path of Labor Migration when Workers Differ in their Skills and Information Is AsymmetricStark, Oded
1997 A brain gain with a brain drainStark, Oded; Prskawetz, Alexia; Helmenstein, Christian