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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1978Economic-Demographic Interactions in Agricultural Development: The Case of Rural-to-Urban MigrationStark, Oded
1978Technological Change and Rural-to-Urban Migration of Labour: A Micro-Economic Causal Relationship in the Context of Less Developed EconomiesStark, Oded
1979Income Distribution, Fertility Decisions and the Shadow Wage Rate: Implications of a New Approach to Rural-to-Urban Migration in LDCsStark, Oded
1980On Slowing Metropolitan City GrowthStark, Oded
1980On the Role of Urban-to-Rural Remittances in Rural DevelopmentStark, Oded
1981The Asset Demand for Children During Agricultural ModernizationStark, Oded
1984A Note on Modelling Labour Migration in LDCsStark, Oded
1984Bargaining, Altruism, and Demographic PhenomenaStark, Oded
1984Migration decision making: De Jong, Gordon F. and Robert W. Gardner, eds., (Pergamon, New York, 1981)Stark, Oded
1985On Fertility, Migration, and Remittances in LDCsKatz, Eliakim; Stark, Oded
1985Desired fertility and migration in LDCs: Signing the ConnectionKatz, Eliakim; Stark, Oded
1985The Proposed Immigration Reform in the United States: Its Impact on the Employment of Illegal Aliens by the FirmKatz, Eliakim; Stark, Oded
1986The Strategic Demand for Children: Theory and Implications for Fertility and MigrationBernheim, B. Douglas; Stark, Oded
1986Urban External Economies and Optimal MigrationShukla, Vibhooti; Stark, Oded
1986Migration, Human Capital and DevelopmentStark, Oded
1986Migration, Markets, Clusters and CooperationStark, Oded
1987Remittances, exchange rates and the labor supply of Mexican Migrants in the U.S.Fox, Marc; Stark, Oded
1988On marriage and migrationStark, Oded
1988Three Notes on the Economic Performance of MigrantsStark, Oded; Katz, Eliakim; Galor, Oded
1989Why are Urban Formal Sector Wages in LDCs above the Market-Clearing Level?Shukla, Vibhooti; Stark, Oded