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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Workers and social upgrading in "fast fashion": The case of the apparel industry in Morocco and RomaniaPlank, Leonhard; Rossi, Arianna; Staritz, Cornelia
2012 Apparel exports - still a path for industrial development? Dynamics in apparel global value chains and implications for low-income countriesStaritz, Cornelia
2012 Local embeddedness, upgrading, and skill development: Global value chains and foreign direct investment in Lesotho's apparel industryStaritz, Cornelia; Morris, Mike
2012 Financial markets and the commodity price boom: Causes and implications for developing countriesStaritz, Cornelia
2012 Value chains for development? Potentials and limitations of global value chain approaches in donor interventionsStaritz, Cornelia
2013 Foreign direct investment and local spillovers in the apparel sector in Sub-Saharan AfricaStaritz, Cornelia
2013 Commodity prices, financial markets, and development: Effects of the financialisation of commodity markets and necessary policy reformsStaritz, Cornelia; Heumesser, Christine; Küblböck, Karin
2013 Local embeddedness and economic and social upgrading in Madagascar's export apparel industryStaritz, Cornelia; Morris, Mike
2013 "Precarious upgrading" in electronics global production networks in Central and Eastern Europe: The cases of Hungary and RomaniaPlank, Leonhard; Staritz, Cornelia
2013 Fundamentals or financialisation of commodity markets: What determines recent wheat prices?Troester, Bernhard; Staritz, Cornelia
2013 Financialisation and the microstructure of commodity markets: A qualitative investigation of trading strategies of financial investors and commercial tradersHeumesser, Christine; Staritz, Cornelia
2013 The role of fundamentals and financialisation in recent commodity price developments: An empirical analysis for wheat, coffee, cotton, and oilEderer, Stefan; Heumesser, Christine; Staritz, Cornelia
2013 Re-regulation of commodity derivative markets: Critical assessment of current reform proposals in the EU and the USStaritz, Cornelia; Küblböck, Karin
2014 Regionalism, end markets and ownership matter: Shifting dynamics in the apparel export industry in Sub Saharan AfricaMorris, Mike; Staritz, Cornelia; Plank, Leonhard
2014 Regulation of commodity derivative markets: Critical assessment of reforms in the EUKüblböck, Karin; Staritz, Cornelia
2014 Private sector development: Business plan or development strategy?Küblböck, Karin; Staritz, Cornelia
2014 Global competition, institutional context, and regional production networks: Up- and downgrading experiences in Romania's apparel industryPlank, Leonhard; Staritz, Cornelia
2015 Private sector development: Business plan or development strategy?Küblböck, Karin; Staritz, Cornelia
2015 Financialization, price risks, and global commodity chains: Distributional implications on cotton sectors in Sub-Saharan AfricaStaritz, Cornelia; Newman, Susan; Tröster, Bernhard; Plank, Leonhard
2015 Cotton-based development in Sub-Saharan Africa? Global commodity chains, national market structure and development outcomes in Burkina Faso, Mozambique and TanzaniaStaritz, Cornelia; Tröster, Bernhard