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2012Workers and social upgrading in "fast fashion": The case of the apparel industry in Morocco and RomaniaPlank, Leonhard; Rossi, Arianna; Staritz, Cornelia
2012Local embeddedness, upgrading, and skill development: Global value chains and foreign direct investment in Lesotho's apparel industryStaritz, Cornelia; Morris, Mike
2012Value chains for development? Potentials and limitations of global value chain approaches in donor interventionsStaritz, Cornelia
2012Financial markets and the commodity price boom: Causes and implications for developing countriesStaritz, Cornelia
2012Apparel exports - still a path for industrial development? Dynamics in apparel global value chains and implications for low-income countriesStaritz, Cornelia
2013Commodity prices, financial markets, and development: Effects of the financialisation of commodity markets and necessary policy reformsStaritz, Cornelia; Heumesser, Christine; Küblböck, Karin
2013Re-regulation of commodity derivative markets: Critical assessment of current reform proposals in the EU and the USStaritz, Cornelia; Küblböck, Karin
2013Local embeddedness and economic and social upgrading in Madagascar's export apparel industryStaritz, Cornelia; Morris, Mike
2013Financialisation and the microstructure of commodity markets: A qualitative investigation of trading strategies of financial investors and commercial tradersHeumesser, Christine; Staritz, Cornelia
2013Fundamentals or financialisation of commodity markets: What determines recent wheat prices?Troester, Bernhard; Staritz, Cornelia
2013Foreign direct investment and local spillovers in the apparel sector in Sub-Saharan AfricaStaritz, Cornelia
2013"Precarious upgrading" in electronics global production networks in Central and Eastern Europe: The cases of Hungary and RomaniaPlank, Leonhard; Staritz, Cornelia
2013The role of fundamentals and financialisation in recent commodity price developments: An empirical analysis for wheat, coffee, cotton, and oilEderer, Stefan; Heumesser, Christine; Staritz, Cornelia
2014Regionalism, end markets and ownership matter: Shifting dynamics in the apparel export industry in Sub Saharan AfricaMorris, Mike; Staritz, Cornelia; Plank, Leonhard
2014Global competition, institutional context, and regional production networks: Up- and downgrading experiences in Romania's apparel industryPlank, Leonhard; Staritz, Cornelia
2014Regulation of commodity derivative markets: Critical assessment of reforms in the EUKüblböck, Karin; Staritz, Cornelia
2014Private sector development: Business plan or development strategy?Küblböck, Karin; Staritz, Cornelia
2015Private sector development: Business plan or development strategy?Küblböck, Karin; Staritz, Cornelia
2015Managing commodity price risks: The cases of cotton in Burkina Faso and Mozambique and coffee in EthiopiaStaritz, Cornelia; Tröster, Bernhard; Küblböck, Karin
2015Financialization, price risks, and global commodity chains: Distributional implications on cotton sectors in Sub-Saharan AfricaStaritz, Cornelia; Newman, Susan; Tröster, Bernhard; Plank, Leonhard