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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 On the significance of geographical proximity for the structure and development of newly founded knowledge-intensive business service firmsKoschatzky, Knut; Stahlecker, Thomas
2004 On the significance of economic structure and regional innovation systems for the foundation of knowledge-intensive business servicesStahlecker, Thomas; Koch, Andreas
2004 On the significance of geographical proximity for the structure and development of newly founded knowledge-intensive business service firmsStahlecker, Thomas; Koschatzky, Knut
2004 Firm foundations in the knowlwdge intensive business service sector : results from a comparative empirical study in three German regionsKoch, Andreas; Stahlecker, Thomas
2008 Zur theoretischen Bedeutung sozialer und organisatorischer Netzwerke im Gründungsprozess wissensintensiver UnternehmenStahlecker, Thomas
2009 Auswirkungen der Organisation und der Außenorientierung von Dienstleistungen auf InnovationenLay, Gunter; Brandt, Tasso; Maloca, Spomenka; Schröter, Marcus; Stahlecker, Thomas
2009 The spatial multidimensionality of sectoral innovation: the case of information and communication technologiesKoschatzky, Knut; Baier, Elisabeth; Kroll, Henning; Stahlecker, Thomas
2009 Cohesion policy at the interface between regional development and the promotion of innovationKoschatzky, Knut; Stahlecker, Thomas
2009 The impact of regionalised RTDI policy measures in Germany: the Network RNA Technologies Berlin (RiNA) as an exampleHüsing, Bärbel; Stahlecker, Thomas
2010 Cohesion policy in the light of place-based innovation support: New approaches in multi-actors, decentralised regional settings with bottom-up strategies?Stahlecker, Thomas; Koschatzky, Knut
2010 The changing role of universities in the German research system: engagement in regional networks, clusters and beyondKoschatzky, Knut; Stahlecker, Thomas
2011 Automobilzulieferer in Baden-Württemberg unter Strom? Perspektiven der Automobilzulieferindustrie für den Übergang zur ElektromobilitätZanker, Christoph; Lay, Gunter; Stahlecker, Thomas
2012 Nachhaltige Innovationen in der Landwirtschaft: komplexe Herausforderungen im InnovationssystemKönig, Bettina; Kuntosch, Anett; Bokelmann, Wolfgang; Doernberg, Alexandra; Schwerdtner, Wim; Busse, Maria; Siebert, Rosemarie; Koschatzky, Knut; Stahlecker, Thomas
2012 The cluster concept as a multi-dimensional thematic field: Methodological and substantive perspectivesStahlecker, Thomas; Kroll, Henning
2012 Developing new roles for higher education institutions in structurally-fragmented regional innovation systemsKroll, Henning; Schricke, Esther; Stahlecker, Thomas
2013 Policies to build research infrastructures in Europe: Following traditions or building new momentum?Stahlecker, Thomas; Kroll, Henning
2014 The role of associations in regional innovation systemsKoschatzky, Knut; Schnabl, Esther; Zenker, Andrea; Stahlecker, Thomas; Kroll, Henning
2015 Prozess und Auswirkungen der Entwicklung von "Strategien intelligenter Spezialisierung" in deutschen LändernKroll, Henning; Stahlecker, Thomas
2015 Public-private partnerships in research and innovation: Case studies from Australia, Austria, Sweden and the United StatesKoschatzky, Knut; Kroll, Henning; Meyborg, Mirja; Stahlecker, Thomas; Dwertmann, Anne; Huber, Monika
2016 Opening up the innovation system framework towards new actors and institutionsWarnke, Philine; Koschatzky, Knut; Dönitz, Ewa; Zenker, Andrea; Stahlecker, Thomas; Som, Oliver; Cuhls, Kerstin; Güth, Sandra