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1981Credit and Sharecropping in Agrarian SocietiesBraverman, Avishay; Srinivasan, T. N.
1981Food Security: Indian PerspectiveSrinivasan, T. N.
1981The Welfare Consequences of Directly-Unproductive Profit-Seeking (DUP) Activities: Price Versus Quality DistortionsBhagwati, Jagdish N.; Srinivasan, T. N.
1982On Immiserizing Transfers and Immiserizing GrowthSrinivasan, T. N.; Bhagwati, Jagdish N.
1982Trade, Development and Factor MovementsSrinivasan, T. N.
1988Food Aid: A Cause, or Symptom of Development Failure or an Instrument for Success?Srinivasan, T. N.
1989Poverty Alleviation Policies in India: Food Consumption Subsidy, Food Production Subsidy and Employment GenerationParikh, Kirit; Srinivasan, T. N.
1991Endogenous Fertility, Technical Change and Growth in a Model of Overlapping GenerationsRaut, Lakshmi; Srinivasan, T. N.
1996Regionalism and the World Trade Organization: Is Non-Discrimination Passé?Srinivasan, T. N.
1999Outward-Orientation and Development: Are Revisionists RightSrinivasan, T. N.; Bhagwati, Jagdish
2001Growth and Poverty Alleviation: Lessons from Development ExperienceSrinivasan, T. N.
2002Developing Countries and the Multilateral Trading System after DohaSrinivasan, T. N.
2004Fiscal Policy in India: Lessons and PrioritiesSingh, Nirvikar; Srinivasan, T. N.
2004Foreign Capital, Inflation, Sterilization, Crowding-Out and Growth: Some Illustrative ModelsSingh, Nirvikar; Srinivasan, T. N.
2006Federalism and economic development in India: An assessmentSingh, Nirvikar; Srinivasan, T. N.
2009India in the Global and Regional Trade: Determinants of Aggregate and Bilateral Trade Flows and Firms' Decision to ExportSrinivasan, T. N.; Archana, Vani