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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Optimal multiproduct nonlinear pricing with correlated consumer typesSpiegel, Yossi; Wilkie, Simon
2001 Price and non-price restraints when retailers are vertically differentiatedSpiegel, Yossi
2003 Partial cross ownership and tacit collusionSpiegel, Yossi; Gilo, David
2004 What to maximize if you mustHeifetz, Aviad; Shannon, Chris; Spiegel, Yossi
2004 Auctions with costly information acquisitionCrémer, Jacques; Spiegel, Yossi
2005 Optimal Search AuctionsCrémer, Jacques; Spiegel, Yossi; Zheng, Charles Zhoucheng
2005 The dynamic evolution of preferencesHeifetz, Aviad; Shannon, Chris; Spiegel, Yossi
2007 Pre-grant patent publication and cumulative innovationAoki, Reiko; Spiegel, Yossi
2007 A double moral hazard model of organization designBerkovitch, Elazar; Israel, Ronen; Spiegel, Yossi
2007 Licensing interim R&D knowledgeSpiegel, Yossi
2007 Capital Structure and Regulation: Does Ownership Matter?Cambini, Carlo; Bortolotti, Bernardo; Rondi, Laura; Spiegel, Yossi
2008 The incentive to participate in open source projects: A signaling approachSpiegel, Yossi
2013 Small steps for workers, a giant leap for productivityHendel, Igal; Spiegel, Yossi
2014 Industry structure and pricing over the business cycleSpiegel, Yossi; Stahl, Konrad
2014 Industry Structure and Pricing over the Business CycleSpiegel, Yossi; Stahl, Konrad O.
2015 Consumers activism: The Facebook boycott of cottage cheeseHendel, Igal; Lach, Saul; Spiegel, Yossi
2017 Minority share acquisitions and collusion: Evidence from the introduction of national leniency programsHeim, Sven; Hüschelrath, Kai; Laitenberger, Ulrich; Spiegel, Yossi