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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1997 Estimation of derivates for additive separable modelsSeverance-Lossin, E.; Sperlich, Stefan
1997 Component analysis for additive modelsHärdle, Wolfgang; Sperlich, Stefan; Spokoiny, Vladimir G.
1997 Risikomessung mit VaR für Portfolios: Diskussion und empirischer Vergleich verschiedener BerechnungsmethodenBöhmer, Ekkehart; Sperlich, Stefan
1997 Financial calculations on the netHärdle, Wolfgang; Sperlich, Stefan
1998 Semiparametric three step estimation methods in labor supply modelsFernández, Ana I.; Rodríguez-Póo, Juan M.; Sperlich, Stefan
1998 Non-uniformity of job-matching in a transition economy: A nonparametric analysis for the Czech RepublicProfit, Stefan; Sperlich, Stefan
1998 Semiparametric additive indices for binary response and generalized additive modelsHärdle, Wolfgang; Huet, Sylvie; Mammen, Enno; Sperlich, Stefan
1998 Nonparametric estimation and testing of interaction in additive modelsSperlich, Stefan; Tjøstheim, Dag; Yang, Lijian
2000 Generalized additive modelsSperlich, Stefan; Zelinka, Jiérí
2001 A comparison of different nonparametric methods for inference on additive modelsDette, Holger; von Lieres und Wilkau, Carsten; Sperlich, Stefan
2003 About sense and nonsense of non- and semiparametric analysis in applied econometricsSperlich, Stefan
2003 Comparison of separable components in different samplesNeumeyer, Natalie; Sperlich, Stefan
2010 Direct Simultaneous Inference in Additive Models and its Application to Model UndernutritionWiesenfarth, Manuel; Krivobokova, Tatyana; Klasen, Stephan; Sperlich, Stefan
2010 Numbers for Pascal: explaining differences in the estimated benefits of the Doha Development AgendaHess, Sebastian; Cramon-Taubadel, Stephan von; Sperlich, Stefan
2011 Estimating and predicting household expenditures and income distributionsDai, Jing; Sperlich, Stefan; Zucchini, Walter
2011 A Review and Comparison of Bandwidth Selection Methods for Kernel RegressionKöhler, Max; Schindler, Anja; Sperlich, Stefan
2011 Estimating and predicting the distribution of the number of visits to the medical doctorDai, Jing; Zucchini, Walter; Sperlich, Stefan
2011 The Africa-Dummy in Growth RegressionsKöhler, Max; Sperlich, Stefan; Vortmeyer, Julian
2016 A Simple Method for Predicting Distributions by Means of Covariates with Examples from Poverty and Health EconomicsDai, Jing; Sperlich, Stefan; Zucchini, Walter