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2009 The reception of public signals in financial markets - what if central bank communication becomes stale?Ehrmann, Michael; Sondermann, David
2012 Productivity in the euro area: any evidence of convergence?Sondermann, David
2014 The identification of fiscal and macroeconomic imbalances - unexploited synergies under the strengthened EU governance frameworkKamps, Christophe; De Stefani, Roberta; Leiner-Killinger, Nadine; Rüffer, Rasmus; Sondermann, David
2016 Towards more resilient economies: the role of well-functioning economic structuresSondermann, David
2017 When do countries implement structural reforms?da Silva, Antonio Dias; Givone, Audrey; Sondermann, David
2017 Determinants of FDI inflows in advanced economies: Does the quality of economic structures matter?Dellis, Konstantinos; Sondermann, David; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2017 Lobbying in Europe: New firm-level evidenceDellis, Konstantinos; Sondermann, David
2018 A euro area macroeconomic stabilisation function: Assessing options in view of their redistribution and stabilisation propertiesKoester, Gerrit; Sondermann, David
2018 Macroeconomic imbalances in the euro area: Where do we stand?Pierluigi, Beatrice; Sondermann, David
2019 Economic structures 20 years into the euroConsolo, Agostino; Gunnella, Vanessa; Koester, Gerrit; Lambrias, Kyriacos; López-García, Paloma; Nerlich, Carolin; Petroulakis, Filippos; Saiz, Lorena; Serafini, Roberta; Sondermann, David
2019 Did the euro change the nature of FDI flows among member states?Sondermann, David; Vansteenkiste, Isabel
2019 A macroeconomic vulnerability model for the euro areaSondermann, David; Zorell, Nico
2020 Baldwin vs. Cecchini revisited: The growth impact of the European Single MarketLehtimäki, Jonne; Sondermann, David