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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004I Like The Way You Move: An Empirical Investigation into the Mechanisms Behind First Mover and Follower StrategiesSofka, Wolfgang; Schmidt, Tobias
2005Global Idea Sourcing: An Empirical Investigation into the Mechanisms Behind the Usage of Foreign Business Sources for InnovationSofka, Wolfgang
2005There's no Place Like Home: A Strategic Framework to Overcome Liability of Foreignness in the German Car MarketSofka, Wolfgang; Zimmermann, Jörg
2006The pulse of liability of foreignness: dynamic legitimacy and experiences effects in the German car marketKaiser, Ulrich; Sofka, Wolfgang
2006Innovation Activities Abroad and the Effects of Liability of Foreignness: Where it HurtsSofka, Wolfgang
2006Lost in Translation: Empirical Evidence for Liability of Foreignness as a Barrier to Knowledge SpilloversSofka, Wolfgang; Schmidt, Tobias
2006Global Sensing and Sensibility: A Multi-Stage Matching Assessment of Competitive Advantage from Foreign Sources of InnovationTeichert, Thorsten; Sofka, Wolfgang
2007Internationalizing R&D Co-opetition: Dress for the Dance with the DevilSchmiele, Anja; Sofka, Wolfgang
2007Search Patterns and Absorptive Capacity: A Comparison of Low- and High-Technology Firms from Thirteen European CountriesGrimpe, Christoph; Sofka, Wolfgang
2007What Makes Foreign Knowledge Attractive to Domestic Innovation Managers?Sofka, Wolfgang
2007Regional dimensions of liability of foreignness: between a rock and a hard place?Sofka, Wolfgang; Zimmermann, Jörg
2007Regional Dimensions of Liability of Foreignness: Between a Rock and a Hard Place?Sofka, Wolfgang; Zimmermann, Jörg
2008Managing Search Strategies for Open Innovation: The Role of Environmental Munificence as well as Internal and External R&DSofka, Wolfgang; Grimpe, Christoph
2008Successful Patterns of Scientific Knowledge Sourcing: Mix and MatchSofka, Wolfgang; Aschhoff, Birgit
2008Successful Patterns of Scientific Knowledge Sourcing: Mix and MatchAschhoff, Birgit; Sofka, Wolfgang
2008The Effects of Experience on Selecting Innovation Projects: Better the Devil You KnowSchmidt, Tobias; Schwiebacher, Franz; Sofka, Wolfgang
2008Formal and Strategic Appropriability Strategies of Multinational Firms: A Cross Country ComparisonFaria, Pedro; Sofka, Wolfgang
2008Innovation on Demand: Can Public Procurement Drive Market Success of InnovationsAschhoff, Birgit; Sofka, Wolfgang
2009Die Bedeutung der Automobilindustrie für die deutsche Volkswirtschaft im europäischen Kontext: Endbericht an das Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und TechnologieLegler, Harald; Gehrke, Birgit; Krawczyk, Olaf; Schasse, Ulrich; Rammer, Christian; Leheyda, Nina; Sofka, Wolfgang
2009Specialized search and innovation performance: evidence across EuropeSofka, Wolfgang; Grimpe, Christoph