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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1993 Working But Poor - A Cross-National Comparison of Earnings AdequacyO'Connor, Inge; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1993 Income Inequality in Rich Countries During the 1980sSmeeding, Timothy Michael; Coder, John F.
1994 Income Distribution in Advanced Economies: The Evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)Atkinson, Anthony Barnes; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1994 Income Distribution in European CountriesAtkinson, Anthony Barnes; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1994 Relative Inequality and Poverty in Germany and the United States Using Alternative Equivalence ScalesBurkhauser, Richard V.; Smeeding, Timothy Michael; Merz, Joachim
1994 The Distribution of Welfare: Inequality, Earnings Capacity, and Household Production in a Comparative PerspectiveSaunders, Peter; O'Connor, Inge; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1995 Rowing Between Scylla and Charybdis: Income Transitions in Central European HouseholdsTorrey, Barbara B.; Smeeding, Timothy Michael; Bailey, Debra
1995 The International Evidence on Income Distribution in Modern Economies: Where Do We Stand?Smeeding, Timothy Michael; Gottschalk, Peter Thomas
1995 Cross National Comparisons of Levels and Trends in InequalityGottschalk, Peter Thomas; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1995 Doing Poorly: The Real Income of American Children in a Comparative PerspectiveRainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1995 The Western Welfare State in The 1990s: Toward a New Model of Antipoverty Policy for Families with ChildrenDanziger, Sheldon H.; Smeeding, Timothy Michael; Rainwater, Lee
1996 Cross-National Comparisons of Income Distribution: The Income Distribution Guideline Needs of Microdata Users as Seen from the Perspective of the Luxembourg Income StudySmeeding, Timothy Michael
1997 Reshuffling Responsibilities in Old Age: The United States in a Comparative PerspectiveSmeeding, Timothy Michael
1997 Financial Poverty in Developed Countries: The Evidence from LIS: Final Report to the UNDPSmeeding, Timothy Michael
1997 American Income Inequality in a Cross-National Perspective: Why Are We So Different?Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1997 Educational Attainment and Earnings Inequality in Eight NationsSullivan, Dennis Hal; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1997 All the World's Entrepreneurs: The Role of Self-Employment in Nineteen NationsSullivan, Dennis Hal; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1997 Cross-National Patterns of Labor Force WithdrawalSmeeding, Timothy Michael; Quinn, Joseph F.
1997 Demography or Income Packaging: What Explains the Income Distribution of The Netherlands?Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy Michael
1998 How Do the Elderly in Taiwan Fare Cross-Nationally? Evidence from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS) ProjectSmeeding, Timothy Michael; Saunders, Peter