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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1991Whither the Middle Class'? A Dynamic ViewDuncan, Greg J.; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Rodgers, Willard
1993Going to Extremes: An International Perspective on the Economic Status of the Untied States AgedSmeeding, Timothy M.; Torrey, Barbara B.; Rainwater, Lee
1994Two scales, one methodology: Expenditure based equivalence scales for the United States and GermanyMerz, Joachim; Garner, Thesia; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Faik, J├╝rgen; Johnson, David
1994Relative inequality and poverty in Germany and the United States using alternative equivalence scalesBurkhauser, Richard V.; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Merz, Joachim
1998Old-age security reforms in Central Eastern Europe: The cases of Czech Republic, Slovak, Hungary and PolandSchrooten, Mechthild; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Wagner, Gert G.
1999Immigrants in Two Modern Nations: Characteristics of the Foreign and Native Born Populations in Germany and the United StatesFrick, Joachim R.; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Wagner, Gert G.
1999Poverty and Parenthood across Modern Nations: Findings from the Luxembourg Income StudySmeeding, Timothy M.; Christopher, Karen; England, Paula; McLanahan, Sara S.; Ross, Katherin
2000Changing Income Inequality in OECD Countries: Updated Results from the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS)Smeeding, Timothy M.
2000United States Poverty in a Cross-National ContextSmeeding, Timothy M.; Rainwater, Lee; Burtless, Gary
2001Procuring Microdata Files for the LIS Project Databank: Progress and PromiseSmeeding, Timothy M.
2001Income Maintenance in Old Age: What Can be Learned from Cross-National ComparisonsSmeeding, Timothy M.
2002Comparing Living Standards Across Nations: Real Incomes at the Top, the Bottom and the MiddleSmeeding, Timothy M.; Rainwater, Lee
2002Sociology of PovertySmeeding, Timothy M.
2004Sliding into poverty? Cross-national patterns of income source change and income decay in old ageWilliamson, James; Smeeding, Timothy M.
2004Public policy and economic inequality: The United States in comparative perspectiveSmeeding, Timothy M.
2004Income distribution and social expenditures: A crossnational perspectiveSchwabish, Jonathan; Smeeding, Timothy M.; Osberg, Lars
2005Poverty and income maintenance in old age: A cross-national view of low income older womenSmeeding, Timothy M.; Sandstrom, Susanna
2005Government programs and social outcomes: The United States in comparative perspectiveSmeeding, Timothy M.
2005Welfare state expenditures and the redistribution of well-being: Children, elders, and others in comparative perspectiveGarfinkel, Irwin; Rainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy M.
2007Failure to launch: Cross-national trends in the transition to economic independenceBell, Lisa; Burtless, Gary; Gornick, Janet; Smeeding, Timothy M.