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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1985Poverty in Major Industrialized CountriesSmeeding, Timothy; Rainwater, Lee; Schaber, Gaston; Hauser, Richard; Rein, Martin
1985An Introduction to LIS - The Luxembourg Income StudySmeeding, Timothy; Schmaus, Gunther; Allegreza, Serge
1986An International Perspective on the Income and Poverty Status of the US Aged: Lessons from the Luxembourg Income Study and the International Database on AgingTorrey, Barbara; Smeeding, Timothy
1987Improving the LIS Income Measure: Microdata Estimates of the Size Distribution of Cash and Noncash Income in Eight CountriesSmeeding, Timothy; Hauser, Richard; Buhmann, Brigitte; de Kam, Flip; Wolfson, Michael; Hedstrom, Peter; O'Higgins, Michael; Saunders, Peter; Schmaus, Gunther; Hagenaars, Aldi
1987Patterns of Income and Poverty: The Economic Status of the Young and the Old in Eight CountriesSmeeding, Timothy; Torrey, Barbara; Rein, Martin
1987The Luxembourg Income Study: The Use of Telecommunications in the Social SciencesRainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy
1987Cross National Analyses of Social Policy: Value, Resources and ChallengeSmeeding, Timothy
1988Poverty, Affluence and the Income Costs of Children: Cross National Evidence from the LISSmeeding, Timothy
1988Equivalence Scales, Well-Being, Inequality and Poverty: Sensitivity Estimates Across Ten Countries Using the LIS DatabaseSmeeding, Timothy; Schmaus, Gunther; Buhmann, Brigitte; Rainwater, Lee
1988Poor Children in Rich CountriesTorrey, Barbara; Smeeding, Timothy
1989Generations and the Distribution of Well-Being and Poverty: Cross National Evidence for Europe, Scandinavia and the ColoniesSmeeding, Timothy
1990The Change in the Economic Status of the Low-Income Elderly in Three Industrial Countries: Circa 1979-1986Smeeding, Timothy; Torrey, Barbara; Coder, John
1990The Meaning of Retirement: Cross-national Patterns and TrendsSmeeding, Timothy
1991Cross-National Trends in Income Poverty and Dependency: The Evidence for Young Adults in the EightiesRainwater, Lee; Smeeding, Timothy
1991Cross National Patterns of Retirement and Poverty Among Men and Women in the 1980 s: Full Stop or Gradual Withdrawal?Smeeding, Timothy
1991Gold Mines and Mine Fields. A Summary of the LIS Conference: The Changing Structure of Income and Social Policy in Eastern Europe: A Comparative FocusTorrey, Barbara; Smeeding, Timothy
1991U.S. Poverty and Income Security Policy in a Cross National Perspective: The War On Poverty - What Worked?Smeeding, Timothy
1992Noncash Income, Living Standards, and Inequality: Evidence from the Luxembourg Income StudyWolfson, Michael; Saunders, Peter; Jenkins, Stephen; Hagenaars, Aldi; Hauser, Richard; Coder, John; Fritzell, Johan; Smeeding, Timothy
1999Social Protection for the Poor in the Developed World: The Evidence from LISSmeeding, Timothy; Ross, Katherin E.
2001Producing Time Series Data for Income Distribution: Sources, Methods and TechniquesAtkinson, Tony; Brandolini, Andrea; Smeeding, Timothy