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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Tax-Exempt Investors and the Asset Allocation PuzzleMintz, Jack; Smart, Michael
2001 Is Targeted Tax Competition Less Harmful than its Remedies?Janeba, Eckhard; Smart, Michael
2001 Income Shifting, Investment, and Tax Competition: Theory and Evidence from Provincial Taxation in CanadaMintz, Jack; Smart, Michael
2002 The Efficiency Consequences of Local Revenue Equalization: Tax Competition and Tax DistortionsBucovetsky, Sam; Smart, Michael
2002 Corporate Lobbying and Commitment Failure in Capital TaxationMarceau, Nicolas; Smart, Michael
2005 Regional grants as pork barrel politicsMilligan, Kevin; Smart, Michael
2007 In praise of tax havens: international tax planning and foreign direct investmentHong, Qing; Smart, Michael
2007 Raising taxes through equalizationSmart, Michael
2007 Do fiscal transfers alleviate business tax competition?: evidence from GermanyEgger, Peter; Koethenbuerger, Marko; Smart, Michael
2013 Study to quantify and analyse the VAT gap in the EU-27 member statesBarbone, Luca; Belkindas, Misha; Bettendorf, Leon; Bird, Richard M.; Bonch-Osmolovsky, Mikhail; Smart, Michael
2013 Do Electoral Rules Make Legislators Differently Responsive to Fiscal Transfers? Evidence from German MunicipalitiesKöthenbürger, Marko; Egger, Peter; Smart, Michael
2014 Proportional influence? Electoral rules and special interest spendingKöthenbürger, Marko; Egger, Peter; Smart, Michael
2018 An Estimable Model of Income Redistribution in a Federation: Musgrave Meets OatesKevin, Milligan; Smart, Michael
2019 VAT Compliance, Trade, and InstitutionsMorrow, Peter; Smart, Michael; Swistak, Artur