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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Will there be blood? Incentives and substitution effects in pro-social behaviorLacetera, Nicola; Macis, Mario; Slonim, Robert
2011 Is there selection bias in laboratory experiments? The case of social and risk preferencesCleave, Blair L.; Nikiforakis, Nikos; Slonim, Robert
2012 Opting-in: Participation biases in the labSlonim, Robert; Wang, Carmen; Garbarino, Ellen; Merrett, Danielle
2012 Quitting and peer effects at workRosaz, Julie; Slonim, Robert; Villeval, Marie Claire
2012 The multi-dimensional effects of reciprocity on worker effort: Evidence from a hybrid field-laboratory labor market experimentKim, Min-taec; Slonim, Robert
2012 Savings and prize-linked savings accountsAtalay, Kadir; Bakhtiar, Fayzan; Cheung, Stephen L.; Slonim, Robert
2013 The Price of Warm GlowLilley, Andrew; Slonim, Robert
2014 Waiting To GiveCraig, Ashley; Garbarino, Ellen; Heger, Stephanie A.; Slonim, Robert
2016 Loss Aversion and Lying Behavior: Theory, Estimation and Empirical EvidenceGarbarino, Ellen; Slonim, Robert; Villeval, Marie Claire
2016 Market Design for Altruistic Supply: Evidence from the LabSlonim, Robert; Wang, Carmen
2016 Gender Differences in Altruism: Responses to a Natural DisasterLilley, Matthew; Slonim, Robert
2018 A Method to Estimate Mean Lying Rates and Their Full DistributionGarbarino, Ellen; Slonim, Robert; Villeval, Marie Claire
2018 Altruism or Diminishing Marginal Utility?Gauriot, Romain; Heger, Stephanie A.; Slonim, Robert