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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002 Equilibrium VengeanceFriedman, Daniel; Singh, Nirvikar
2003 Some Economic Consequences of India's Institutions of Governance: A Conceptual FrameworkSingh, Nirvikar
2003 Productivity, Efficiency and Economic Growth: East Asia and the Rest of the WorldHan, Gaofeng; Kalirajan, Kaliappa P; Singh, Nirvikar
2003 Negative Reciprocity: The Coevolution of Memes and GenesFriedman, Daniel; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 Foreign Capital, Inflation, Sterilization, Crowding-Out and Growth: Some Illustrative ModelsSingh, Nirvikar; Srinivasan, T. N.
2004 Time Series Analysis of U.S.-East Asia Commodity Trade, 1962-1992Carolan, Terrie; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 Seller Strategies on eBayAnderson, Steve; Friedman, Daniel; Milam, Garrett; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 Inequality, Coalitions and Collective ActionBardhan, Pranab; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 Vengefulness Evolves in Small GroupsFriedman, Daniel; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 The Political Economy of India'€™s Federal System and its ReformRao, M. Govinda; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 Some Patterns in Center-State Fiscal Transfers in India: An Illustrative AnalysisSingh, Nirvikar; Vasishtha, Garima
2004 Buy it Now: A Hybrid Internet Market InstitutionAnderson, Steve; Friedman, Daniel; Milam, Garrett; Singh, Nirvikar
2004 Fiscal Policy in India: Lessons and PrioritiesSingh, Nirvikar; Srinivasan, T. N.
2004 Information Technology and Rural Development in IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2004 India'€™s System of Intergovernmental Fiscal RelationsSingh, Nirvikar
2004 Transaction Costs, Information Technology and DevelopmentSingh, Nirvikar
2005 State finances in India: A case for systemic reformSingh, Nirvikar
2005 Lost, dysfunctional or evolving? A view of business schools from Silicon ValleyEischen, Kyle; Singh, Nirvikar
2006 ICTs and rural development in IndiaSingh, Nirvikar
2006 Services-led industrialization in India: Assessment and lessonsSingh, Nirvikar