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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Designing benefit rules for flexible retirement with or without redistributionSimonovits, András
2006 Transition with heterogeneous laborBalla, Katalin; Köllîo, János; Simonovits, András
2006 Transzformációs sokk heterogén munkaerő-piaconBalla, Katalin; Köllő, János; Simonovits, András
2006 Social Security Reform in the US: Lessons from HungarySimonovits, András
2008 Underreported Earnings and Old-Age Pension: An Elementary ModelSimonovits, András
2009 When and How to Subsidize Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts?Simonovits, András
2009 Underreported earnings and age-specific income redistribution in post-socialist economiesSimonovits, András
2009 A Simple Model of Tax-Favored Retirement AccountsSimonovits, András
2009 Pension Reforms in an Aging Society: A Fully Displayed Cohort ModelSimonovits, András
2009 Hungarian Pension System and its ReformSimonovits, András
2010 Tax Morality and Progressive Wage TaxSimonovits, András
2011 The Mandatory Private Pension Pillar in Hungary: An ObituarySimonovits, András
2011 Local Interaction in Tax EvasionGaray, Barnabás M.; Simonovits, András; Tóth, János
2011 International Economic Crisis and the Hungarian Pension ReformSimonovits, András
2011 A személyi jövedelemadó-reform hatása a tb-nyugdíjakraCseres-Gergely, Zsombor; Simonovits, András
2011 Higher tax morale implies a higher optimal income tax rateSimonovits, András
2012 Optimal linear redistributive tax and pension systems with flexible labor supplySimonovits, András
2012 Means-tested or Flat Pension? Pension CreditSimonovits, András
2012 Tax Morale and Tax Evasion: Social Preferences and Bounded RationalityMéder, Zsombor Z.; Simonovits, András; Vincze, János
2012 Does higher tax morale imply higher optimal labor income tax rate?Simonovits, András