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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2004 Designing benefit rules for flexible retirement with or without redistributionSimonovits, András
2006 Transition with heterogeneous laborBalla, Katalin; Köllîo, János; Simonovits, András
2006 Transzformációs sokk heterogén munkaerő-piaconBalla, Katalin; Köllő, János; Simonovits, András
2006 Social Security Reform in the US: Lessons from HungarySimonovits, András
2008 Underreported Earnings and Old-Age Pension: An Elementary ModelSimonovits, András
2009 Hungarian Pension System and its ReformSimonovits, András
2009 A Simple Model of Tax-Favored Retirement AccountsSimonovits, András
2009 When and How to Subsidize Tax-Favored Retirement Accounts?Simonovits, András
2009 Underreported earnings and age-specific income redistribution in post-socialist economiesSimonovits, András
2009 Pension Reforms in an Aging Society: A Fully Displayed Cohort ModelSimonovits, András
2010 Tax Morality and Progressive Wage TaxSimonovits, András
2011 International Economic Crisis and the Hungarian Pension ReformSimonovits, András
2011 The Mandatory Private Pension Pillar in Hungary: An ObituarySimonovits, András
2011 Local Interaction in Tax EvasionGaray, Barnabás M.; Simonovits, András; Tóth, János
2011 A személyi jövedelemadó-reform hatása a tb-nyugdíjakraCseres-Gergely, Zsombor; Simonovits, András
2011 Higher tax morale implies a higher optimal income tax rateSimonovits, András
2012 Tax Morale and Tax Evasion: Social Preferences and Bounded RationalityMéder, Zsombor Z.; Simonovits, András; Vincze, János
2012 Does higher tax morale imply higher optimal labor income tax rate?Simonovits, András
2012 Optimal Cap on Pension ContributionsSimonovits, András
2012 Optimal linear redistributive tax and pension systems with flexible labor supplySimonovits, András