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2014 New strategies to improve the accuracy of predictions based on Monte Carlo and bootstrap simulations: An application to Bulgarian and Romanian inflationSimionescu, Mihaela
2014 Bayesian forecasts combination to improve the Romanian inflation predictions based on econometric modelsSimionescu, Mihaela
2014 Directional accuracy for inflation and unemployment rate predictions in RomaniaSimionescu, Mihaela
2014 A Comparative Analysis of Real and Predicted Inflation Convergence in Cee Countries During the Economic CrisisSimionescu, Mihaela
2015 A comparative analysis of macroeconomic forecasts accuracy in Spain and RomaniaSimionescu, Mihaela
2015 The Accuracy of General Government Balance Forecasts in RomaniaSimionescu, Mihaela
2016 The Evaluation of Quarterly Forecast Intervals for Inflation Rate in RomaniaSimionescu, Mihaela; Dragan, Irina
2016 The Identification of Inflation Rate Determinants in the USA Using the Stochastic Search Variable SelectionSimionescu, Mihaela
2017 The Influence of Brexit on the Foreign Direct Investment Projects and Inflows in the United KingdomSimionescu, Mihaela
2017 Economic Effects of Migration from Poland to the UKSimionescu, Mihaela; Bilan, Yuriy; Mentel, Grzegorz
2017 Big Data and Unemployment AnalysisSimionescu, Mihaela; Zimmermann, Klaus F.
2017 Prediction intervals for inflation and unemployment rate in Romania. A Bayesian approachSimionescu, Mihaela
2017 Forecast intervals for US/EURO foreign exchange rateSimionescu, Mihaela