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2000 Monetary policy transparency, public commentary, and market perceptions about monetary policy in CanadaSiklos, Pierre L.
2001 Dectecting speculative bubbles in stock prices: A new approach and some evidence for the USBohl, Martin T.; Siklos, Pierre L.
2003 Did the Bundesbank React to Stock Price Movements?Siklos, Pierre L.; Bohl, Martin T.; Werner, Thomas
2004 Asset Prices in Taylor Rules: Specification, Estimation, and Policy Implications for the ECBSiklos, Pierre L.; Werner, Thomas; Bohl, Martin T.
2005 Trading Behavior During Stock Market Downturns: The Dow, 1915 - 2004Siklos, Pierre L.; Bohl, Martin T.
2005 The Role of Asset Prices in Euro Area Monetary Policy: Specification and Estimation of Policy Rules and Implications for the European Central BankBohl, Martin T.; Siklos, Pierre L.
2005 What has driven Chinese monetary policy since 1990? Investigating the people's bank's policy rulesBurdekin, Richard C. K.; Siklos, Pierre L.
2005 The Bundesbank's Communications Strategy and Policy Conflicts with the Federal GovernmentSiklos, Pierre L.; Bohl, Martin T.
2009 The quality of monetary policy and inflation performance: globalization and its aftermathBohl, Martin; Mayes, David G.; Siklos, Pierre L.
2009 Stock return seasonalities and investor structure: Evidence from China's B-share marketsBohl, Martin T.; Schuppli, Michael; Siklos, Pierre L.
2011 Is there wisdom in a second opinion? Shadowing the ECB and the Bank of EnglandNeuenkirch, Matthias; Siklos, Pierre L.
2012 No coupling, no decoupling, only mutual inter-dependence: Business cycles in emerging vs. mature economiesSiklos, Pierre L.
2013 Prolonged reserves accumulation, credit booms, asset prices and monetary policy in AsiaFilardo, Andrew J.; Siklos, Pierre L.
2013 How monetary policy is made: Two Canadian talesSiklos, Pierre L.; Neuenkirch, Matthias
2014 When is lift-off? Evaluating forward guidance from the shadowNeuenkirch, Matthias; Siklos, Pierre L.
2015 Macroeconomic consequences of the real-financial nexus: Imbalances and spillovers between China and the U.S.Pang, Ke; Siklos, Pierre L.
2020 Metal prices made in China? A network analysis of industrial metal futuresSiklos, Pierre L.; Stefan, Martin; Wellenreuther, Claudia