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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2001 Stability, chaos and multiple attractors: A single agent makes a differenceOnozaki, Tamotsu; Sieg, Gernot; Yokoo, Masanori
2006 Crunch time: The optimal policy to avoid the "Announcement Effect" when terminating a subsidyGürtler, Marc; Sieg, Gernot
2008 Crunch time: A policy to avoid the announcement effect when terminating a subsidyGürtler, Marc; Sieg, Gernot
2009 Bread, peace and the attrition of power: Economic events and German election resultsBatool, Irem; Sieg, Gernot
2009 When to regulate airports: A simple ruleKratzsch, Uwe; Sieg, Gernot
2009 Grandfather rights in the market for airport slotsSieg, Gernot
2009 Strategic debt management within the stability and growth pactSieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2009 Pakistan, politics and political business cyclesBatool, Irem; Sieg, Gernot
2010 Strategic debt management within a Revised Stability and Growth PactSieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2010 Quality standards for passenger trains: Political majorities and environmental costsRothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2010 Public service broadcasting of sport, shows, and news as economic solution to the voter's paradox of rational ignoranceRothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2010 A full participation agreement on global emission reduction through strategic investments in R&DKratzsch, Uwe; Sieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2011 Welfare effects of subsidizing a dead-end network of less polluting vehiclesDietrich, Antje-Mareike; Sieg, Gernot
2011 Welfare effects of public service broadcasting in a free-to-air TV marketRothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2011 An international agreement with full participation to tackle the stock of greenhouse gasesKratzsch, Uwe; Sieg, Gernot; Stegemann, Ulrike
2013 Residential Parking in Vibrant City DistrictsMolenda, Inga; Sieg, Gernot
2013 Welfare Effects of Public Service Broadcasting in a Free-to-Air TV MarketSieg, Gernot; Rothbauer, Jula
2014 Are commercial ceilings appropriate for the regulation of commercial overload on free-to-air TV channels?Rothbauer, Julia; Sieg, Gernot
2014 Pkw-Maut, Sonderabgabe oder Sonderfonds: Sinnvolle Instrumente zur Finanzierung der Verkehrsinfrastruktur?Sieg, Gernot; Wieland, Bernhard; Knieps, Günter; Puls, Thomas; Beckmann, Klaus J.; Bernecker, Tobias; Böger, Torsten
2015 Erst im zweiten Schritt: BusmautSieg, Gernot