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1996 The impact of research joint ventures on firm performance: an empirical assessmentSiebert, Ralph
1997 Why firms form research joint ventures: theory and evidenceRöller, Lars-Hendrik; Tombak, Mihkel M.; Siebert, Ralph
1998 The incentives to form research joint ventures: theory and evidenceRöller, Lars-Hendrik; Tombak, Mihkel M.; Siebert, Ralph
1999 Multiproduct competition, learning by doing and price-cost margins over the product life cycle: Evidence from the DRAM industrySiebert, Ralph
2002 Learning by doing and multiproduction effects over the life cycle: evidence from the semiconductor industrySiebert, Ralph
2003 New product introduction by incumbent firmsSiebert, Ralph
2003 The introduction of new product qualities by incumbent firms: market proliferation versus cannibalizationSiebert, Ralph
2003 Credible vertical preemptionSiebert, Ralph
2006 Jostling for Advantage: Licensing and Entry into Patent Portfolio RacesSiebert, Ralph; von Graevenitz, Georg
2006 How Licensing Resolves Hold-Up: Evidence from a Dynamic Panel Data Model with Unobserved HeterogeneitySiebert, Ralph; von Graevenitz, Georg
2008 Does Licensing Resolve Hold Up in the Patent Thicket?Siebert, Ralph; von Graevenitz, Georg
2013 The Impact of Entry Regulation on Total Welfare: A Policy ExperimentLiu, An-Hsiang; Siebert, Ralph; Zulehner, Christine
2013 Are Ex Ante and Ex Post Licensing Agreements Useful Instruments to Lessen Uncertainty in R&D?Siebert, Ralph
2014 The Impact of R&D Cooperations on Drug Variety Offered on the Market. Evidence from the Pharmaceutical IndustryBanerjee, Tannista; Siebert, Ralph
2015 Driven by the Discount Factor: Impact of Mergers on Market Performance in the Semiconductor IndustryHarris, Jeremiah; Siebert, Ralph
2015 The Impact of Foreclosure on Housing PricesSiebert, Ralph
2016 Do Mergers Among Multimarket Firms Create Value?Linde, Sebastian; Siebert, Ralph
2016 The Impact of Horizontal Mergers on Market Structure: Evidence from the Semiconductor IndustrySiebert, Ralph
2017 Heterogeneous Merger Impacts on Competitive OutcomesSiebert, Ralph