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2006The urban-rural income gap and inequality in ChinaSicular, Terry; Yue, Ximing; Gustafsson, Björn; Li, Shi
2011Overview: Income inequality and poverty in China, 2002 - 2007Li, Shi; Luo, Chuliang; Sicular, Terry
2011Educational inequality in China: The intergenerational dimensionKnight, John; Sicular, Terry; Yue, Ximing
2011Housing ownership, incomes, and inequality in China: 2002 - 2007Sato, Hiroshi; Sicular, Terry; Yue, Ximing
2011Inequality and poverty in rural ChinaLuo, Chuliang; Sicular, Terry
2013The changing determinants of high school attainment in rural ChinaYang, Juan; Sicular, Terry; Lai, Desheng
2015The returns to schooling in rural China: Evidence from the Cultural Revolution education expansionSicular, Terry; Yang, Juan
2017Overview: Incomes and inequality in China, 2007-2013Luo, Chuliang; Sicular, Terry; Li, Shi
2017China's urban gender wage gap: A new direction?Song, Jin; Sicular, Terry; Gustafsson, Björn
2017Changing trends in China's inequality: Key issues and main findingsSicular, Terry; Li, Shi; Yue, Ximing; Sato, Hiroshi
2017China's emerging global middle classGustafsson, Björn; Sicular, Terry; Yang, Xiuna
2018Inequality in China: Development, transition, and policyLi, Shi; Sicular, Terry; Tarp, Finn
2018The long-term evolution of income inequality and poverty in ChinaLuo, Chuliang; Li, Shi; Sicular, Terry
2019Catching up with the West: Chinese Pathways to the Global Middle ClassGustafsson, Björn Anders; Yang, Xiuna; Sicular, Terry
2021The Rise of China's Global Middle Class in International PerspectiveSicular, Terry; Yang, Xiuna; Gustafsson, Björn Anders
2021The rise of China's global middle class in international perspectiveSicular, Terry; Yang, Xiuna; Gustafsson, Björn
2021Inequality of Opportunity in Household Income, China 2002-2018Yang, Xiuna; Gustafsson, Björn Anders; Sicular, Terry
2022The big expansion of rural secondary schooling during the cultural revolution and the returns to education in rural ChinaZhu, Mengbing; Sicular, Terry