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2005 Reform of the economic provisions of the constitution: Why national progress is at stakeSicat, Gerardo P.
2005 A federal structure is costly and does not guarantee progressSicat, Gerardo P.
2005 The economy on a cusp: The proposed VAT amendments and their larger significandede Dios, Emmanuel S.; Diokno, Benjamin E.; Esguerra, Emmanuel F.; Fabella, Raul V.; Gochoco-Bautista, Maria Socorro; Medalla, Felipe M.; Monsod, Solita C.; Pernia, Ernesto M.; Reside, Renato E.; Sicat, Gerardo P.; Tan, Edita A.
2005 The economic argument for constitutional reformSicat, Gerardo P.
2006 Philippine macroeconomic issues and their causesSicat, Gerardo P.
2007 Legal and constitutional disputes and the Philippine economySicat, Gerardo P.
2008 Unlimited and abundant labor supply: Econometric and other evidence in Philippine industrySicat, Gerardo P.
2008 Men and women in the Philippine work place: A supply of labor analysisSicat, Gerardo P.
2008 Two short memoirs on the development of Philippine social sciencesSicat, Gerardo P.
2009 Determinants of student performance in the introductory economics course in UPSicat, Gerardo P.; Briones, Kristine Joy S.
2009 High school background and academic performanceSicat, Gerardo P.; Panganiban, Marian
2010 Spotlighting on high economic growth, employment of the poor, and poverty reduction: A three-pronged strategySicat, Gerardo P.
2010 Firm characteristics as determinants of views on the minimum wage policySicat, Gerardo P.
2011 CESAR VIRATA at finance: Tax collector and reformer, 1970 to 1986Sicat, Gerardo P.
2011 The economic legacy of marcosSicat, Gerardo P.
2011 Population, poverty, politics and the reproductive health billPernia, Ernesto M.; Alabastro-Quimbo, Stella; Abrenica, Maria Joy V.; Alonzo, Ruperto P.; Arcenas, Agustin L.; Balisacan, Arsenio M.; Canlas, Dante B.; Capuno, Joseph J.; Clarete, Ramon L.; Danao, Rolando A.; de Dios, Emmanuel S.; dela Paz-Kraft, Aleli; Diokno, Benjamin E.; Esguerra, Emmanuel F.; Fabella, Raul V.; Gochoco-Bautista, Maria Socorro; Ho, Teresa J.; Mapa, Dennis Claire S.; Medalla, Felipe M.; Mendoza, Maria Nimfa F.; Monsod, Solita C.; Monsod, Toby Melissa C.; Natividad-Carlos, Fidelina; Paderanga, Cayetano W.; Sicat, Gerardo P.; Solon, Orville C.; Tan, Edita A.
2012 The peso appreciation and monetary-fiscal coordinationSicat, Gerardo P.
2017 Memoir: The founding of PIDSSicat, Gerardo P.