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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1999Gender and racial discrimination in pay and promotion for NHS nursesPudney, Stephen; Shields, Michael A.
2000Racial Harassment, Job Satisfaction and Intentions to Quit: Evidence from the British Nursing ProfessionShields, Michael A.
2000Improving Nurse Retention in the British National Health Service: The Impact of Job Satisfaction on Intentions to QuitShields, Michael A.; Ward, Melanie E.
2000The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Occupational Attainment in EnglandMacDonald, Ziggy; Shields, Michael A.
2001Exploring the Economic and Social Determinants of Psychological and Psychosocial HealthShields, Michael A.; Wheatley Price, Stephen
2001Stakeholders, Bargaining and StrikesShields, Michael A.; Price, Stephen Wheatley
2001Child Expenditure: The Role of Working Mothers, Lone Parents, Sibling Composition and Household ProvisionFarrell, Lisa; Shields, Michael A.
2002Individual Rationality and Learning: Welfare Expectations in East Germany Post-ReunificationFrijters, Paul; Haisken-DeNew, John P.; Shields, Michael A.
2002The Value of Reunification in Germany: An Analysis of Changes in Life SatisfactionFrijters, Paul; Haisken-DeNew, John P.; Shields, Michael A.
2003Investigating the Quitting Decision of Nurses: Panel Data Evidence from the British National Health ServiceFrijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.; Price, Stephen Wheatley
2003Immigrant Job Search in the UK: Evidence from Panel DataFrijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.; Price, Stephen Wheatley
2003Testing for Employee Discrimination Using Matched Employer-Employee Data: Theory and EvidenceFrijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.; Theodoropoulos, Nikolaos; Price, Stephen Wheatley
2004Is the Child Health / Family Income Gradient Universal? : Evidence from EnglandCurrie, Alison; Shields, Michael A.; Price, Stephen Wheatley
2004To Teach or Not to Teach? : Panel Data Evidence on the Quitting DecisionPrice, Stephen Wheatley; Shields, Michael A.; Frijters, Paul
2005Socio-Economic Status, Health Shocks, Life Satisfaction and Mortality : Evidence from an Increasing Mixed Proportional Hazard ModelFrijters, Paul; Haisken-DeNew, John P.; Shields, Michael A.
2006Quantifying the cost of passive smoking on child health: evidence from children's cotinine samplesFrijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.; Wheatley Price, Stephen; Williams, Jenny
2007Handedness, time use and early childhood developmentJohnston, David W.; Shah, Manisha; Shields, Michael A.
2007Relative income, happiness and utility: an explanation for the Easterlin paradox and other puzzlesClark, Andrew E.; Frijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.
2007Childhood economic conditions and length of life: evidence from the UK boyd orr cohort, 1937 - 2005Frijters, Paul; Shields, Michael A.; Hatton, Timothy J.; Martin, Richard M.
2007Comparing subjective and objective measures of health: evidence from hypertension for the income/health gradientJohnston, David W.; Propper, Carol; Shields, Michael A.