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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009Wheat, globalization and economic historySharp, Paul
2011The role of technology and institutions for growth: Danish creameries in the late nineteenth centuryHenriksen, Ingrid; Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2013North and South: Social Mobility and Welfare Spending in Preindustrial EnglandBoberg-Fazlic, Nina; Sharp, Paul
2013Greasing the Wheels of Rural Transformation? Margarine and the Competition for the British Butter MarketLampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2013Does Welfare Spending Crowd Out Charitable Activity? Evidence from Historical England under the Poor LawsBoberg-Fazlic, Nina; Sharp, Paul
2014How the Danes Discovered Britain: The International Integration of the Danish Dairy Industry Before 1880Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2014The Danish Agricultural Revolution in an Energy Perspective: A Case of Development with Few Domestic Energy SourcesHenriques, Sofia Teives; Sharp, Paul
2014Just Add Milk: A Productivity Analysis of the Revolutionary Changes in Nineteenth Century Danish DairyingLampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2015Contracts and cooperation: The relative failure of the Irish dairy industry in the late nineteenth century reconsideredHenriksen, Ingrid; McLaughlin, Eoin; Sharp, Paul
2015A Note on Danish Living Standards through Historical Wage Series, 1731-1913Khaustova, Ekaterina; Sharp, Paul
2017Openness and growth in a historical perspective: a VECM approachFederico, Giovanni; Sharp, Paul; Tena-Junguito, Antonio
2017'Rational' Farmers and the Emergence of Modern Accounting in Danish DairyingLampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul
2018The introduction of serfdom and labour marketsJensen, Peter Sandholt; Radu, Cristina Victoria; Severgnini, Battista; Sharp, Paul
2018Getting to Denmark': the Role of Elites for DevelopmentJensen, Peter Sandholt; Lampe, Markus; Sharp, Paul; Skovsgaard, Christian Volmar
2019Immigrant Communities and Knowledge Spillovers: Danish-Americans and the Development of the Dairy Industry in the United StatesBoberg-Fazli─ç, Nina; Sharp, Paul
2019Without coal in the age of steam and dams in the age of electricity: an explanation for the failure of Portugal to industrialize before the Second World WarHenriques, Sofia Teives; Sharp, Paul
2019Days Worked and Seasonality Patterns of Work in Eighteenth Century DenmarkJensen, Peter Sandholt; Radu, Cristina Victoria; Sharp, Paul
2019A Microlevel Wage Dataset for Eighteenth Century DenmarkJensen, Peter Sandholt; Radu, Cristina Victoria; Sharp, Paul
2019Malthus in Pre-industrial Northern Italy? A Cointegration ApproachPedersen, Maja; Riani, Claudia; Sharp, Paul
2020Globalization and Empire: Market integration and international trade between Canada, the United States and Britain, 1750-1870Pedersen, Maja Uhre; Geloso, Vincent; Sharp, Paul