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1976 Employment policies in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1988 The World Bank's structural adjustment loans: a critiqueShams, Rasul
1988 Adjustment policy and interest groups in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1989 Adjustment constraints in developing countries: A comparative studyShams, Rasul
1992 The drugs economy and anti-drug policy in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1994 Tax reforms and equity in ACP countriesHolthus, Manfred; Shams, Rasul
1995 Environmental policy and interest groups in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1995 Eco-labelling and environmental policy efforts in developing countriesShams, Rasul
1997 Are trade and industrial policies still economically justifiable?Shams, Rasul
1998 "Natural integration": A new approach to integration policy in developing countriesShams, Rasul
2002 Is it time for a world currency?Shams, Rasul
2002 Why do countries form regions? The political economy of regional integrationShams, Rasul
2003 Trade Effects of the East African Community: Do We Need a Transitional Fund?Busse, Matthias; Shams, Rasul
2003 Trade Imbalances and the Political Economy of a Transitional Fund in the EACShams, Rasul
2003 Regional integration in developing countries : some lessons based on case studiesShams, Rasul
2004 The World Bank as an International Financial InstitutionShams, Rasul
2004 A Critical Assessment of Islamic EconomicsShams, Rasul
2005 Dollar-Euro Exchange Rate 1999-2004 : Dollar and Euro as International CurrenciesShams, Rasul
2005 The Drive to Economic Integration in AfricaShams, Rasul