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2013Did liquidity providers become liquidity seekers?Choi, Jaewon; Shachar, Or
2016Dealer balance sheets and bond liquidity provisionAdrian, Tobias; Boyarchenko, Nina; Shachar, Or
2018Flighty liquidityBoyarchenko, Nina; Giannone, Domenico; Shachar, Or
2018Bank-intermediated arbitrageBoyarchenko, Nina; Eisenbach, Thomas M.; Gupta, Pooja; Shachar, Or; Van Tassel, Peter
2018Credit market choiceBoyarchenko, Nina; Costello, Anna M.; Shachar, Or
2018Bank liquidity provision and Basel liquidity regulationsRoberts, Daniel; Sarkar, Asani; Shachar, Or
2019The long and short of it: The post-crisis corporate CDS marketBoyarchenko, Nina; Costello, Anna M.; Shachar, Or
2020Alternative trading systems in the corporate bond marketKozora, Matthew; Mizrach, Bruce Marshall; Peppe, Matthew; Shachar, Or; Sokobin, Jonathan
2020It's what you say and what you buy: A holistic evaluation of the corporate credit facilitiesBoyarchenko, Nina; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2020It's What You Say and What You Buy: A Holistic Evaluation of the Corporate Credit FacilitiesBoyarchenko, Nina; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2021The option value of municipal liquidity: Evidence from federal lending cutoffs during COVID-19Haughwout, Andrew; Hijmans, Benjamin L.; Shachar, Or
2021The Municipal Liquidity FacilityHaughwout, Andrew; Hyman, Ben; Shachar, Or
2021The Primary and Secondary Corporate Credit facilitiesBoyarchenko, Nina; Cox, Caren; Crump, Richard K.; Danzig, Andrew; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or; Steiner, Patrick
2021Measuring corporate bond market dislocationsBoyarchenko, Nina; Crump, Richard K.; Kovner, Anna; Shachar, Or
2023Dealer capacity and U.S. treasury market functionalityDuffie, Darrell; Fleming, Michael J.; Keane, Frank; Nelson, Claire; Shachar, Or; Van Tassel, Peter