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2003 From Frankenstein foods to Veggie box schemes: Sustainable consumption in cultural perspectiveSeyfang, Gill
2004 Bartering for a better future? Community currencies and sustainable consumptionSeyfang, Gill
2004 Local organic food: The social implications of sustainable consumptionSeyfang, Gill
2004 Eco-warriors in the supermarket? Evaluating the UK sustainable consumption strategy as a tool for ecological citizenshipSeyfang, Gill
2004 New initiatives for sustainable food: A case study of an organic producer cooperativeSeyfang, Gill
2005 Community currencies and social inclusion: A critical evaluationSeyfang, Gill
2006 Community currencies: A new tool for sustainable consumptions?Seyfang, Gill
2006 Sustainable consumption: The new economics and local organic foodSeyfang, Gill
2006 Time banks and the social economy: Exploring the UK policy contextSeyfang, Gill
2006 Community action: A neglected site of innovation for sustainable development?Seyfang, Gill; Smith, Adrian
2006 Conscious consumer resistance? Local organic food networks versus the supermarketsSeyfang, Gill
2007 Personal carbon trading: Notional concept or workable proposition? Exploring theoretical, ideological and practical underpinningsSeyfang, Gill; Lorenzoni, Irene; Nye, Mike
2009 Carbon currencies: A new gold standard for sustainable consumption?Seyfang, Gill
2009 Low-carbon currencies: The potential of time banking and local money systems for community carbon-reductionSeyfang, Gill
2010 Grassroots innovations for sustainable development: A new research agendaSeyfang, Gill; Smith, Adrian; Longhurst, Noel
2010 Energy and communities in transition: Towards a new research agenda on agency and civil society in sustainability transitionsSeyfang, Gill; Haxeltine, Alex; Hargreaves, Tom; Longhurst, Noel
2010 Growing grassroots innovations: Exploring the role of community-based social movements for sustainable energy transitionsSeyfang, Gill; Haxeltine, Alex
2011 Sustainability transitions from the bottom-up: Civil society, the multi-level perspective and practice theoryHargreaves, Tom; Haxeltine, Alex; Longhurst, Noel; Seyfang, Gill
2011 Community innovation for sustainable energyHielscher, Sabine; Seyfang, Gill; Smith, Adrian