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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2012 Leisure inequality in the United States: 1965 - 2003Sevilla, Almudena; Gimenez-Nadal, J. Ignacio; Gershuny, Jonathan I.
2012 Trends in time allocation: A cross-country analysisGimenez-Nadal, J. Ignacio; Sevilla, Almudena
2013 Do House Prices Affect Consumption? A Re-assessment of the Wealth HypothesisCristini, Annalisa; Sevilla, Almudena
2014 The Impact of Eliminating a Child Benefit on Birth Timing and Infant HealthBorra, Cristina; Gonzalez, Libertad; Sevilla, Almudena
2014 Gender, Time-Use, and Fertility Recovery in Industrialized CountriesGarcía-Manglano, Javier; Nollenberger, Natalia; Sevilla, Almudena
2014 The Math Gender Gap: The Role of CultureNollenberger, Natalia; Rodríguez-Planas, Núria; Sevilla, Almudena
2015 Parental Time Investments in Children: The Role of Competition for University Places in the UKSevilla, Almudena; Borra, Cristina
2016 Intensive Mothering and Well-being: The Role of Education and Child Care ActivityGimenez-Nadal, J. Ignacio; Sevilla, Almudena
2016 Immigration Enforcement and Childhood Poverty in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Arenas-Arroyo, Esther; Sevilla, Almudena
2017 Marriage and HouseworkBorra, Cristina; Browning, Martin J.; Sevilla, Almudena
2018 Labor Market Impacts of States Issuing of Driving Licenses to Undocumented ImmigrantsAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Arenas-Arroyo, Esther; Sevilla, Almudena
2019 Gender Equality and Positive Action: Evidence from UK UniversitiesGamage, Danula K.; Sevilla, Almudena
2020 Timing is Everything when Fighting a Pandemic: COVID-19 Mortality in SpainAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Borra, Cristina; Rivera Garrido, Noelia; Sevilla, Almudena
2020 Baby Steps: The Gender Division of Childcare during the COVID-19 PandemicSevilla, Almudena; Smith, Sarah
2020 A New Perspective from Time Use Research on the Effects of Lockdown on COVID-19 Behavioral Infection RiskGershuny, Jonathan I.; Sullivan, Oriel; Sevilla, Almudena; Vega-Rapun, Marga; Foliano, Francesca; de Grignon, Juana Lamote; Harms, Teresa; Walthery, Pierre
2020 Gender Stereotyping in SportsMarcén, Miriam; Morales, Marina; Sevilla, Almudena
2020 Women in Economics: A UK PerspectiveGamage, Danula K.; Sevilla, Almudena; Smith, Sarah
2020 The Gendered Division of Paid and Domestic Work under LockdownAndrew, Alison; Cattan, Sarah; Costa Dias, Monica; Farquharson, Christine; Kraftman, Lucy; Krutikova, Sonya; Phimister, Angus; Sevilla, Almudena
2020 Pay Transparency Initiative and Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from Research-Intensive Universities in the UKGamage, Danula K.; Kavetsos, Georgios; Mallick, Sushanta; Sevilla, Almudena
2020 COVID-19 School Closures and Parental Labor Supply in the United StatesAmuedo-Dorantes, Catalina; Marcén, Miriam; Morales, Marina; Sevilla, Almudena