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2010 Explaining variation in child labor statisticsDillon, Andrew; Bardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Serneels, Pieter
2010 Do labor statistics depend on how and to whom the questions are asked? Results from a survey experiment in TanzaniaBardasi, Elena; Beegle, Kathleen; Dillon, Andrew; Serneels, Pieter
2010 Who wants to work in a rural health post? The role of intrinsic motivation, rural background and faith-based institutions in Rwanda and EthiopiaSerneels, Pieter; Montalvo, Jose G.; Pettersson, Gunilla; Lievens, Tomas; Damascene Butera, Jean; Kidanu, Aklilu
2010 Intrinsic motivations and the non-profit health sector: evidence from EthiopiaSerra, Danila; Serneels, Pieter; Barr, Abigail
2012 The impact of armed conflict on economic performance: Evidence from RwandaSerneels, Pieter; Verpoorten, Marijke
2014 Health Information, Treatment, and Worker Productivity: Experimental Evidence from Malaria Testing and Treatment among Nigerian Sugarcane CuttersDillon, Andrew; Friedman, Jed; Serneels, Pieter
2016 The Impact of Diabetes on Labor Market Outcomes in Mexico: A Panel Data and Biomarker AnalysisSeuring, Till; Serneels, Pieter; Suhrcke, Marc
2016 Pay for Locally Monitored Performance? A Welfare Analysis for Teacher Attendance in Ugandan Primary SchoolsCilliers, Jacobus; Kasirye, Ibrahim; Leaver, Clare; Serneels, Pieter; Zeitlin, Andrew
2016 Do Returns to Education Depend on How and Who You Ask?Serneels, Pieter; Beegle, Kathleen; Dillon, Andrew
2017 Productivity and Health: Alternative Productivity Estimates Using Physical ActivityAkogun, Oladele; Dillon, Andrew; Friedman, Jed; Prasann, Ashesh; Serneels, Pieter
2018 Diabetes, Employment and Behavioural Risk Factors in China: Marginal Structural Models versus Fixed Effects ModelsSeuring, Till; Serneels, Pieter; Suhrcke, Marc; Bachmann, Max
2020 Recruitment, Effort, and Retention Effects of Performance Contracts for Civil Servants: Experimental Evidence from Rwandan Primary SchoolsLeaver, Clare; Ozier, Owen; Serneels, Pieter; Zeitlin, Andrew
2020 Aspirations, Poverty and Education: Evidence from IndiaSerneels, Pieter; Dercon, Stefan