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2013 With a little help from my friends: Supplying to multinationals, buying from multinationals, and domestic firm performanceGörg, Holger; Seric, Adnan
2014 Multinationals in Sub-Saharan Africa: Domestic linkages and institutional distancePérez-Villar, Lucia; Seric, Adnan
2015 Knowledge transfer in global supply chains: Multinationals in Sub-Saharan AfricaPérez-Villar, Lucia; Seric, Adnan
2015 Corporate social responsibility in global supply chains of multinational companiesGörg, Holger; Hanley, Aoife; Seric, Adnan
2016 When Do Multinational Companies Consider Corporate Social Responsibility? A Multi-Country Study in Sub-Saharan AfricaGörg, Holger; Hanley, Aoife; Hoffmann, Stefan; Seric, Adnan
2016 Cluster development programs in Ethiopia: Evidence and policy implicationsAli, Merima; Godart, Olivier; Görg, Holger; Seric, Adnan
2016 Quality FDI and Supply-Chains in Manufacturing: Overcoming Obstacles and Supporting DevelopmentMoran, Theodore H.; Görg, Holger; Seric, Adnan
2017 South-South FDI: Is it really different?Görg, Holger; Gold, Robert; Hanley, Aoife; Seric, Adnan
2017 How to Attract Quality FDI?Moran, Theodore H.; Görg, Holger; Seric, Adnan; Krieger-Boden, Christiane
2017 South-South FDI: Is It Really Different?Gold, Robert; Görg, Holger; Hanley, Aoife; Seric, Adnan
2018 Corporate Social Responsibility in Global Supply Chains: Deeds Not WordsGörg, Holger; Hanley, Aoife; Seric, Adnan