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1998Interindividual and interoccasion variability of toxicokinetic parameters in population modelsSelinski, Silvia; Urfer, Wolfgang
2000Estimation of toxicokinetic population parameters in a four-stage hierarchical modelSelinski, Silvia
2000Population toxicokinetics of ethylene: Calibration and preceding investigationsQuinke, Barbara; Selinski, Silvia; Golka, Klaus; Blaszkewicz, M.
2000Interindividual and interoccasion variability of toxicokinetic parameters of uptake, exhalation, and metabolism of ethyleneSchirm, Florian A.; Selinski, Silvia
2001Outlier detection in experimental data using a modified Hampel identifierSelinski, Silvia; Becker, Claudia
2002Population toxicokinetics of ethylene: Models and validation of first order assumptions on kinetic processesSelinski, Silvia; Quinke, Barbara; Golka, Klaus; Bolt,Hermann M.; Urfer, Wolfgang
2003Estimation of the mean AUC of the xenoestrogens daidzein, bisphenol A, and p-tert-octylphenolSelinski, Silvia; Degen, Gisela H.
2004Comparison of the toxicokinetics of daidzein and bisphenol A in pregnant and non-pregnant DA/Han ratsSelinski, Silvia; Degen, Gisela H.
2005Cluster Analysis : A Comparison of Different Similarity Measures for SNP DataIckstadt, Katja; Selinski, Silvia; Müller, Tina
2005Similarity Measures for Clustering SNP DataIckstadt, Katja; Selinski, Silvia
2006Estimation of N-acetyltransferase 2 haplotypesBolt, Hermann M.; Dannappel, Doris; Blaszkewicz, Meinolf; Samimi, Mirabutaleb; Golka, Klaus; Selinski, Silvia
2006Similarity Measures for Clustering SNP and Epidemiological DataSelinski, Silvia
2006The influence of glutathione S-transferases M1 and M3 on the development of bladder cancerGolka, Klaus; Schmidt, Tobias; Bolt, Hermann M.; Selinski, Silvia