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2011 Some determinants of intermediate local governments' spending efficiency: The case of French départementsNieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan
2014 Effizienzanalysemethoden in der Regulierung deutscher Elektrizitäts- und GasversorgungsunternehmenSeifert, Stefan
2014 Technical efficiency and CO2 reduction potentials: An analysis of the German electricity generating sectorSeifert, Stefan; Cullmann, Astrid; von Hirschhausen, Christian
2015 Measuring productivity when technologies are heterogeneous: A semi-parametric approach for electricity generationSeifert, Stefan
2015 Productivity Growth and its Sources - A StoNED Metafrontier Analyis of the German Electricity Generating SectorSeifert, Stefan
2016 Operational conditions in regulatory benchmarking models: A Monte Carlo analysisNieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan
2016 Semi-parametric measures of scale characteristics of German natural gas-fired electricity generationSeifert, Stefan
2016 No differences in efficiency between public and private utilitiesCullmann, Astrid; Nieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan; Stiel, Caroline
2016 Keine Effizienzunterschiede zwischen öffentlichen und privaten EnergieversorgungsunternehmenCullmann, Astrid; Nieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan; Stiel, Caroline
2016 Trend zur (Re-)Kommunalisierung in der Energieversorgung: Ein Mythos?Cullmann, Astrid; Nieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan; Stiel, Caroline
2016 A (re)municipalization trend among energy utilities: Truth or myth?Cullmann, Astrid; Nieswand, Maria; Seifert, Stefan; Stiel, Caroline
2018 An offer that you can't refuse? Agrimafias and migrant labor on vineyards in Southern ItalySeifert, Stefan; Valente, Marica
2019 Price dispersion in farmland markets: What is the role of asymmetric information?Kahle, Christoph; Seifert, Stefan; Hüttel, Silke
2019 Revisiting the relationship between land price and parcel sizeRitter, Matthias; Hüttel, Silke; Odening, Martin; Seifert, Stefan
2020 Common values and unobserved heterogeneity in farmland auctions in GermanySeifert, Stefan; Hüttel, Silke