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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1989Determinanten der Kreditvergabe von Privatbanken an Entwicklungsländer in den achtziger JahrenNunnenkamp, Peter; Schweickert, Rainer
1989Debt versus equity finance in developing countries: An empirical analysis of the agent-principal model of internat. capital transfersCorsepius, Uwe; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Schweickert, Rainer
1989Schuldenprobleme der Entwicklungsländer und OECDNunnenkamp, Peter; Schweickert, Rainer
1989Government regulations, external financing, and economic performance: the case of KoreaSchweickert, Rainer
1990Adjustment policies and economic growth in developing countries: is devaluation contractionary?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Schweickert, Rainer
1990Determinanten und Effekte realer Wechselkursänderungen in EntwicklungsländernSchweickert, Rainer
1990Real exchange rates and economic growth in developing countries: Is devaluation contractionary?Nunnenkamp, Peter; Schweickert, Rainer
1991Efficient real exchange rate adjustment in developing countries: alternative devaluation strategies, economic structure, and sequencing of reformsSchweickert, Rainer
1992Geld- und Wechselkurspolitik in Argentinien und Chile 1970 - 1988: ein VergleichSchweickert, Rainer
1992International capital flows: recent developments, major determinants, and the position of Brazil in worldwide competition for foreign capitalNunnenkamp, Peter; Funke, Norbert; Schweickert, Rainer
1992Stabilisierung durch feste Wechselkurse: Fehlschlag in Entwicklungsländern - Erfolgsrezept für Osteuropa?Schweickert, Rainer; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Hiemenz, Ulrich
1992Brazil: Another lost decade? Domestic policies and attractiveness for foreign capitalFunke, Norbert; Nunnenkamp, Peter; Schweickert, Rainer
1993Lessons from exchange rate based stabilization in ArgentinaSchweickert, Rainer
1993[Book Review of] Exchange rate policies in developing and post-socialist countries: an International Center for Economic Growth publication, Claassen, Emil-Maria (ed.), San Francisco, ICS Press, 1991Schweickert, Rainer
1993Geld- und Wechselkurspolitik in Entwicklungsländern: Eine Analyse alternativer Stabilisierungs- und AnpassungsstrategienSchweickert, Rainer; Universität Kiel Kiel
1993Implikationen alternativer geld- und wechselkurspolitischer Regeln im TransformationsprozeßSchweickert, Rainer
1994Regional integration: A worthwhile strategy for catching up?Schweickert, Rainer
1994[Book Review of] Financial opening: policy issues and experiences in developing countries, Helmut Reisen ... (eds.), Paris, OECD, 1993Schweickert, Rainer
1994Macroeconomic reforms in the Southern cone: lessons for developing and newly emerging market economiesSchweickert, Rainer
1994Stabilization and real adjustment in emerging market economies: Lessons from macroeconomic reforms in the Southern ConeSchweickert, Rainer