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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1990 Reasons behind barter reconsideredSchulze, Günther G.
1990 Tax competition in a Bertrand-Edgeworth modelSchulze, Günther G.; Koch, Karl-Josef
1991 Stating import prices wrongly: Possibilities of tax and tariff evasionSchulze, Günther G.
1992 Capital exports to rising Eastern Europe: Would voters go for it?Schulze, Günther G.
1993 Theory-based measurement of the saving-investment correlation with an application to NorwayJansen, Willem Jos; Schulze, Günther G.
1994 Economic integration and environmental policy: Does NAFTA increase pollution?Bommer, Rolf; Schulze, Günther G.
1994 The effectiveness of Norwegian capital controlsJansen, Willem Jos; Schulze, Günther G.
1995 Transfer pricing under an origin based VAT systemGenser, Bernd; Schulze, Günther G.
1998 50 Jahre GATTLow, Patrick; Schuknecht, Ludger; Vosgerau, Hans-Jürgen; Schulze, Günther G.; Großmann, Harald
1998 Environmental policy in an integrated world economySchulze, Günther G.; Ursprung, Heinrich W.
2000 Deterrence versus intrinsic motivation: Experimental evidence on the determinants of corruptilitySchulze, Günther G.; Frank, Björn
2003 International Competition and Environmental Expenditures: Empirical Evidence from Indonesian Manufacturing PlantsKaiser, Kai; Schulze, Günther G.
2003 Competition, cultural autonomy and global governance: The audio-visual sector in GermanyPerino, Grischa; Schulze, Günther G.
2004 Dezentralisierung und Korruption: erste Erfahrungen aus IndonesienHofmann, Bert; Kaiser, Kai; Schulze, Günther G.
2007 What does it take to be a star? The role of performance and the media for German soccer playersLehmann, Erik E.; Schulze, Günther G.
2008 Zeitschriftenrankings für die Wirtschaftswissenschaften: Konstruktion eines umfassenden MetaindexesSchulze, Günther G.; Warning, Susanne; Wiermann, Christian
2008 What and how long does it take to get tenure? The case of economics and business administration in Austria, Germany and SwitzerlandSchulze, Günther G.; Warning, Susanne; Wiermann, Christian
2008 Inefficient but effective? A field experiment on the effectiveness of direct and indirect transfer mechanismsKoppel, Hannes; Schulze, Günther G.
2008 Inefficient but effective? A field experiment on the effectiveness of direct and indirect transfer mechanismKoppel, Hannes; Schulze, Günther G.
2009 On the channels of pro-social behavior evidence from a natural field experimentKoppel, Hannes; Schulze, Günther G.