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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
1977 An Economic Interpretation of the Decline in Fertility in a Rapidly Developing Country: Consequences of Development and Family PlanningSchultz, T. Paul
1977 Sources of Income Variation in Colombia: Personal and Regional EffectsFields, Gary S.; Schultz, T. Paul
1977 A Conditional Logit Model of Internal Migration: Venezuelan Lifetime Migration Within Educational StrataSchultz, T. Paul
1978 Notes on the Estimation of the Macro Economic Determinants of MigrationSchultz, T. Paul
1978 Fertility and Child Mortality over the Life Cycle: Aggregate and Individual EvidenceSchultz, T. Paul
1979 Interpretation of Relations Among Morality, Economics of the Household, and the Health EnvironmentSchultz, T. Paul
1979 Effective Protection and the Distribution of Personal Income by Sector in ColombiaSchultz, T. Paul
1980 Market Opportunities, Genetic Endowments and the IntraFamily Distribution of Resources: Child Survival in RuralIndiaRosenzweig, Mark R.; Schultz, T. Paul
1980 Migrant and Native Fertility in Colombia in 1973: Migrants Selected According to Their Reproductive Preferences?Ribe, Helena; Schultz, T. Paul
1980 Birthweight, the Production of Child Health, and Input DemandRosenzweig, Mark R.; Schultz, T. Paul
1981 Specification Biases in Estimating the Influence of Child Mortality on FertilityLee, Bun Song; Schultz, T. Paul
1981 Child Mortality and Fertility in Columbia: Individual and Community EffectsRosenzweig, Mark R.; Schultz, T. Paul
1981 Age of Individuals and Family Composition as Factors Underlying the Distribution of Personal IncomeSchultz, T. Paul
1982 Short Run Fluctuations in Fertility and Mortality in Preindustrial SwedenEckstein, Zvi; Schultz, T. Paul; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
1983 Consumer Demand and Household Production: Relationship Between Fertility and Child MortalityRosenzweig, Mark R.; Schultz, T. Paul
1983 A Review of Caldwell's Theory of Fertility DeclineSchultz, T. Paul
1983 Estimating a Household Production Function: Heterogeneity, the Demand for Health Inputs and Their Effects on BirthweightRosenzweig, Mark R.; Schultz, T. Paul
1983 The Schooling and Health of Children of U.S. Immigrants and NativesSchultz, T. Paul
1984 Studying the Impact of Household Economic and Community Variables on Child MortalitySchultz, T. Paul
1985 Schooling, Information and Non-Market Productivity: Contraceptive Use and Its EffectivenessRosenzweig, Mark Richard; Schultz, T. Paul