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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Input and output inventoriesHumphreys, Brad R.; Maccini, Louis J.; Schuh, Scott
2005 The roles of comovement and inventory investment in the reduction of output volatilityIrvine, F. Owen; Schuh, Scott
2005 Interest sensitivity and volatility reductions: Cross-section evidenceIrvine, F. Owen; Schuh, Scott
2006 Productivity and US macroeconomic performance: Interpreting the past and predicting the future with a two-sector real business cycle modelIreland, Peter N.; Schuh, Scott
2006 Consumer behavior and payment choice: A conference summaryCrowe, Marianne; Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2007 Input and output inventories in general equilibriumIacoviello, Matteo; Schiantarelli, Fabio; Schuh, Scott
2007 The Boston Fed study of consumer behavior and payment choice: A survey of Federal Reserve System employeesBenton, Marques; Blair, Krista; Crowe, Marianne; Schuh, Scott
2007 Consumer behavior and payment choice: 2006 conference summaryCarten, Margaret; Littman, Dan; Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2008 Summary of the Workshop on Consumer Behavior and Payment ChoiceSchuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2009 Why are (some) consumers (finally) writing fewer checks? The role of payment characteristicsSchuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2010 Who gains and who loses from credit card payments? Theory and calibrationsSchuh, Scott; Shy, Oz; Stavins, Joanna
2010 The 2008 survey of consumer payment choiceFoster, Kevin; Meijer, Erik; Schuh, Scott; Zabek, Michael A.
2011 An economic analysis of the 2010 proposed settlement between the department of justice and credit card networksSchuh, Scott; Shy, Oz; Stavins, Joanna; Triest, Robert
2011 The 2009 survey of consumer payment choiceFoster, Kevin; Meijer, Erik; Schuh, Scott; Zabek, Michael A.
2012 How consumers pay: Adoption and use of paymentsSchuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2012 Measuring household spending and payment habits: The role of typical and specific time frames in survey questionsAngrisani, Marco; Kapteyn, Arie; Schuh, Scott
2012 Explaining adoption and use of payment instruments by U.S. consumersKoulayev, Sergei; Rysman, Marc; Schuh, Scott; Stavins, Joanna
2013 U.S. consumers´ demand for cash in the era of low interest rates and electronic paymentsBriglevics, Tamás; Schuh, Scott
2014 Consumer cash usage: a cross-country comparison with payment diary survey dataBagnall, John; Bounie, David; Huynh, Kim P.; Kosse, Anneke; Schmidt, Tobias; Schuh, Scott; Stix, Helmut
2014 This is what's in your wallet... and how you use itBriglevics, Tamás; Schuh, Scott