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2005 A note on the principle of normative individualismSchubert, Christian
2005 Fairness in urban land use: an evolutionary contribution to Law & EconomicsSchubert, Christian
2005 Toward a Naturalistic Foundation of the Social ContractCordes, Christian; Schubert, Christian
2008 Constitutional interests in the face of innovations: How much do we need to know about risk preferences?Witt, Ulrich; Schubert, Christian
2009 Is novelty always a good thing? Towards an evolutionary welfare economicsSchubert, Christian
2009 Welfare creation and destruction in a Schumpeterian worldSchubert, Christian
2009 Darwinism in economics and the evolutionary theory of policy-makingSchubert, Christian
2010 Role models that make you unhappy: Light paternalism, social learning and welfareCordes, Christian; Schubert, Christian
2010 Extending the informational basis of welfare economics: The case of preference dynamicsWitt, Ulrich; Schubert, Christian
2012 Opportunity and preference learningSchubert, Christian
2012 Sustainable consumption and consumer sovereigntySchubert, Christian; Chai, Andreas
2012 Pursuing happinessSchubert, Christian
2012 Fighting maritime piracy: Three lessons from Pompeius MagnusSchubert, Christian; Lades, Leonhard K.
2014 Behavioral public choice: A surveySchnellenbach, Jan; Schubert, Christian
2014 Behavioral Political Economy: A SurveySchnellenbach, Jan; Schubert, Christian
2015 On the ethics of public nudging: Autonomy and agencySchubert, Christian
2016 On the ethics of public nudging: Autonomy and agencySchubert, Christian
2016 Green nudges: Do they work? Are they ethical?Schubert, Christian
2018 Wohin nudgen? Zum Menschenbild des Libertären PaternalismusDold, Malte F.; Schubert, Christian