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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005On the speed of economic reform: tale of the tortoise and the hareMerlevede, Bruno; Schoors, Koen
2005Bank supervision Russian style: rules versus enforcement and tacit objectivesClaeys, Sophie; Lanine, Gleb; Schoors, Koen
2006Sophisticated discipline in a nascent deposit market: evidence from post-communist RussiaKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2007Bank supervision Russian style: Evidence of conflicts between micor- and macroprudential concernsClaeys, Sophie; Schoors, Koen
2008Liquidity matters: evidence from the Russian interbank marketKaras, Alexei; Schoors, Koen; Lanine, Gleb
2008Are private banks more efficient than public banks? Evidence from RussiaKaras, Alexei; Schoors, Koen; Weill, Laurent
2010The effect of deposit insurance on market discipline: Evidence from a natural experiment on deposit flowsKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2010FDI Spillovers and the Timing of Foreign EntryMerlevede, Bruno; Schoors, Koen; Spatareanu, Mariana
2011A 'de Soto Effect' in Industry? Evidence from the Russian FederationPyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2012Does finance cause growth? Evidence from the origins of banking in RussiaBerkowitz, Daniel; Hoekstra, Mark; Schoors, Koen
2013FDI spillovers and time since foreign entryMerlevede, Bruno; Schoors, Koen; Spatareanu, Mariana
2013Political connections and depositor disciplineDisli, Mustafa; Schoors, Koen; Meir, Jos
2014First Depressed, Then Discriminated Against?Baert, Stijn; De Visschere, Sarah; Schoors, Koen; Omey, Eddy
2017Depositor discipline in Russian regions: Flight to familiarity or trust in local authorities?Schoors, Koen; Semenova, Maria; Zubanov, Andrey
2017Russia's 1999–2000 election cycle and the politics-banking interfaceSchoors, Koen; Weill, Laurent
2019Deposit insurance, market discipline and bank riskKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2020Deposit insurance, bank ownership and depositor behaviorAtmaca, Sümeyra; Kirschenmann, Karolin; Ongena, Steven; Schoors, Koen
2020Political cycles and bank lending in RussiaFungáčová, Zuzana; Schoors, Koen; Solanko, Laura; Weill, Laurent
2021Deposit Insurance, Moral Hazard and Bank RiskKaras, Alexei; Pyle, William; Schoors, Koen
2022Fear, Trust and Demand for Regulation: Evidence from the Covid-19 Pandemic in RussiaBorisova, Ekaterina; Frye, Timothy; Schoors, Koen; Zabolotskiy, Vladimir