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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2005 Risk Diversification by European Financial ConglomeratesSlijkerman, Jan Frederik; Schoenmaker, Dirk; de Vries, Casper
2010 The Quest for Stability: The Financial Stability ViewBrouwer, Henk J.; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Vesala, Jukka; Brink, Nicola; Kock, Michael
2011 The Financial TrilemmaSchoenmaker, Dirk
2011 The Impact of Cross-Border Banking on Financial StabilitySchoenmaker, Dirk; Wagner, Wolf
2012 Can European Bank Bailouts work?Schoenmaker, Dirk; Siegmann, Arjen
2013 Efficiency Gains of a European Banking UnionSchoenmaker, Dirk; Siegmann, Arjen
2014 The Value of Banks and Their Business Models to SocietyBenink, Harald; Bertay, Ata Can; Bijlsma, Michiel; Brosens, Teunis; Bley, Andreas; Bruinshoofd, Allard; de Haan, Jakob; Demirgüç-Kunt, Asli; Hoogduin, Lex; Houben, Aerdt; Huizinga, Harry; Nagel, Wilfred; Sanchis, Alicia; Schoenmaker, Dirk
2015 Regulating the Financial Cycle: An Integrated Approach with a Leverage RatioSchoenmaker, Dirk; Wierts, Peter
2015 Macroprudential supervision: From theory to policySchoenmaker, Dirk; Wierts, Peter
2015 Firmer foundations for a stronger European Banking UnionSchoenmaker, Dirk
2016 Reform of the European Union financial supervisory and regulatory architecture and its implications for AsiaDarvas, Zsolt; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Véron, Nicolas
2016 Fiscal capacity to support large banksHüttl, Pia; Schoenmaker, Dirk
2016 The United States dominates global investment banking: Does it matter for Europe?Goodhart, Charles; Schoenmaker, Dirk
2016 Should the 'outs' join the European banking union?Hüttl, Pia; Schoenmaker, Dirk
2016 The impact of the legal and operational structures of euro-area banks on their resolvabilitySchoenmaker, Dirk
2016 Reforms to the European Union financial supervisory and regulatory architecture and their implications for AsiaDarvas, Zsolt M.; Schoenmaker, Dirk; Véron, Nicolas
2017 What happened to global banking after the crisis?Schoenmaker, Dirk
2017 A ‘twin peaks’ vision for EuropeSchoenmaker, Dirk; Véron, Nicolas
2017 A macro approach to international bank resolutionSchoenmaker, Dirk
2017 Spotting excessive regional house price growth and what to do about itClaeys, Grégory; Efstathiou, Konstantinos; Schoenmaker, Dirk