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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2009 Interest rates, distribution and capital accumulation: A Post-Kaleckian perspective on the US and GermanyHein, Eckhard; Schoder, Christian
2012 Instability, stationary utilization and effective demand: A synthesis of Harrodian and Kaleckian growth theorySchoder, Christian
2012 Effective demand, exogenous normal utilization and endogenous capacity in the long run. Evidence from a CVAR analysis for the USSchoder, Christian
2012 Endogenous capital productivity in the Kaleckian growth model. Theory and EvidenceSchoder, Christian
2012 Are the current account imbalances between EMU countries sustainable?Schoder, Christian; Proaño, Christian R.; Semmler, Willi
2013 Makroökonomische Effekte der Haushaltskonsolidierung in der Europäischen UnionSemmler, Willi; Semmler, André; Schoder, Christian
2013 The fundamentals of sovereign debt sustainability: Evidence from 15 OECD countries.Schoder, Christian
2013 Credit vs. demand constraints: the determinants of US firm-level investment over the business cycles from 1977 to 2011Schoder, Christian
2013 Foreign and public deficits in Greece: In search of causalityNikiforos, Michalis; Carvalho, Laura; Schoder, Christian
2014 "Twin deficits" in Greece: In search of causalityNikiforos, Michalis; Carvalho, Laura; Schoder, Christian
2015 A Keynesian Dynamic Stochastic Labor-Market Disequilibrium model for business cycle analysisSchoder, Christian
2015 The macroeconomic effects of the Euro Area's fiscal consolidation 2011-2013: A simulation-based approachRannenberg, Ansgar; Schoder, Christian; Stráský, Jan
2016 Buffer stock savings in a New-Keynesian business cycle modelRabitsch, Katrin; Schoder, Christian
2016 Estimating Keynesian models of business fluctuations using Bayesian Maximum LikelihoodSchoder, Christian