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2010 The effects of unemployment insurance on labor supply and search outcomes: Regression discontinuity estimates from GermanySchmieder, Johannes F.; von Wachter, Till; Bender, Stefan
2010 The long-term impact of job displacement in Germany during the 1982 recession on earnings, income, and employmentSchmieder, Johannes F.; von Wachter, Till; Bender, Stefan
2013 Does the Use of Worker Flows Improve the Analysis of Establishment Turnover? Evidence from German Administrative DataHethey-Maier, Tanja; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2014 Warping Space: High-Speed Rail and Returns to Scale in Local Labor MarketsHeuermann, Daniel F.; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2014 The Causal Effect of Unemployment Duration on Wages: Evidence from Unemployment Insurance ExtensionsSchmieder, Johannes F.; von Wachter, Till; Bender, Stefan
2015 The rise of domestic outsourcing and the evolution of the German wage structureGoldschmidt, Deborah; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2015 The Rise of Domestic Outsourcing and the Evolution of the German Wage StructureGoldschmidt, Deborah; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2016 Optimal Income Taxation with Unemployment and Wage Responses: A Sufficient Statistics ApproachKroft, Kory; Kucko, Kavan; Lehmann, Etienne; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2016 Disincentive Effects of Unemployment Benefits and the Role of CaseworkersSchmieder, Johannes F.; Trenkle, Simon
2017 Identifying couples in administrative dataGoldschmidt, Deborah; Klosterhuber, Wolfgang; Schmieder, Johannes F.
2020 Evidence on Job Search Models from a Survey of Unemployed Workers in GermanyDella Vigna, Stefano; Heining, Jörg; Schmieder, Johannes F.; Trenkle, Simon