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2015 Estimating the density of ethnic minorities and aged people in Berlin: Multivariate kernel density estimation applied to sensitive geo-referenced administrative data protected via measurement errorGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Schmon, Sebastian; Tzavidis, Nikos
2015 Outlier robust small area estimation under spatial correlationSchmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos; Münnich, Ralf; Chambers, Ray
2015 Modelling the distribution of health related quality of life of advanced melanoma patients in a longitudinal multi-centre clinical trial using M-quantile random effects regressionBorgini, Riccardo; Bianco, Paola Del; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos
2016 From start to finish: A framework for the production of small area official statisticsTzavidis, Nikos; Zhang, Li-Chun; Luna Hernandez, Angela; Schmid, Timo; Rojas-Perilla, Natalia
2016 A unit-level quantile nested error regression model for domain prediction with continuous and discrete outcomesWeidenhammer, Beate; Schmid, Timo; Salvati, Nicola; Tzavidis, Nikos
2016 Robust small area estimation under spatial non-stationarityBaldermann, Claudia; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo
2016 Constructing socio-demographic indicators for National Statistical Institutes using mobile phone data: Estimating literacy rates in SenegalSchmid, Timo; Bruckschen, Fabian; Salvati, Nicola; Zbiranski, Till
2017 Data-driven transformations in small area estimationRojas-Perilla, Natalia; Pannier, Sören; Schmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos
2017 The R package emdi for estimating and mapping regionally disaggregated indicatorsKreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Pannier, Sören; Rojas-Perilla, Natalia; Schmid, Timo; Templ, Matthias; Tzavidis, Nikos
2017 Estimation of linear and non-linear indicators using interval censored income dataWalter, Paul; Groß, Markus; Schmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos
2018 Switching between different area systems via simulated geocoordinates: A case study for student residents in BerlinGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Tzavidis, Nikos
2018 Simulated geo-coordinates as a tool for map-based regional analysisGroß, Marcus; Rendtel, Ulrich; Schmid, Timo; Bömermann, Hartmut; Erfurth, Kerstin
2019 Estimating regional wealth in Germany: How different are East and West really?Kreutzmann, Ann-Kristin; Marek, Philipp; Salvati, Nicola; Schmid, Timo