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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2006 Institutional and Individual Sentiment: Smart Money and Noise Trader RiskSchmeling, Maik
2006 A Prospect-Theoretical Interpretation of Momentum ReturnsMenkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik
2006 Local Information in Foreign Exchange MarketsMenkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik
2007 Whose trades convey information? Evidence from a cross-section of tradersMenkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik
2008 Expected inflation, expected stock returns, and money illusion: what can we learn from survey expectations?Schmeling, Maik; Schrimpf, Andreas
2008 Automating exchange rate target zones: intervention via an electronic limit order bookMelvin, Michael; Menkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik
2008 Investor sentiment and stock returns: some international evidenceSchmeling, Maik
2008 Are professional investors sophisticated?Menkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik; Schmidt, Ulrich
2009 Higher-order beliefs among professional stock market forecasters: some first empirical testsRangvid, Jesper; Schmeling, Maik; Schrimpf, Andreas
2009 Exchange rate management in emerging markets : intervention via an electronic limit order bookMelvin, Michael; Menkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik
2009 Rendite und Risiko von Carry Trade Strategien auf DevisenmärktenSchmeling, Maik; Schrimpf, Andreas
2009 Learning from post-trade identity disclosure in electronic tradingMenkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik
2010 Cash Flow-Predictability: Still Going StrongSchmeling, Maik; Rangvid, Jesper; Schrimpf, Andreas
2010 Macro expectations, aggregate uncertainty, and expected term premiaDick, Christian D.; Schmeling, Maik; Schrimpf, Andreas
2010 Overconfidence, experience, and professionalism: An experimental studyMenkhoff, Lukas; Schmeling, Maik; Schmidt, Ulrich
2010 Limit-Order Submission Strategies under Asymmetric InformationMenkhoff, Lukas; Osler, Carol Lee; Schmeling, Maik
2011 Quantifying survey expectations: What's wrong with the probability approach?Breitung, Jörg; Schmeling, Maik