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2008 Rente mit 67: Wie lange die Deutschen arbeiten können und wollenScheubel, Beatrice; Winter, Joachim
2009 Don't raise the retirement age! : an experiment on opposition to pension reforms and East-West differences in GermanyScheubel, Beatrice; Schunk, Daniel; Winter, Joachim
2013 Liquidity Regulation, the Central Bank, and the Money MarketScheubel, Beatrice; Körding, Julia
2013 Pensions and Fertility: Back to the Roots - The Introduction of Bismarck's Pension Scheme and the European Fertility DeclineFenge, Robert; Scheubel, Beatrice
2013 Measuring institutional competitiveness in EuropeHuemer, Stefan; Scheubel, Beatrice; Walch, Florian
2014 Does it pay to be a woman? Labour demand effects of maternity-related job protection and replacement incomesScheubel, Beatrice
2014 Pensions and fertility: back to the roots - The introduction of Bismarck's pension scheme and the European fertility declineFenge, Robert; Scheubel, Beatrice
2016 Pensions and Fertility: Back to the RootsFenge, Robert; Scheubel, Beatrice
2016 What do we know about the global financial safety net? Data, rationale and possible evolutionScheubel, Beatrice; Herrala, Risto; Stracca, Livio
2016 What do we know about the global financial safety net? Rationale, data and possible evolutionScheubel, Beatrice; Stracca, Livio
2018 Stigma? What stigma? A contribution to the debate on financial market effects of IMF lendingScheubel, Beatrice; Tafuro, Andrea; Vonessen, Benjamin
2019 Once bitten: New evidence on the link between IMF conditionality and IMF stigmaAndone, Irina; Scheubel, Beatrice
2019 The global financial cycle and capital flow episodes: A wobbly link?Scheubel, Beatrice; Stracca, Livio; Tille, Cédric