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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2002Forecasting Austrian HICP and its Components using VAR and ARIMA ModelsFritzer, Friedrich; Moser, Gabriel; Scharler, Johann
2004Forecasting Austrian InflationMoser, Gabriel; Rumler, Fabio; Scharler, Johann
2004Understanding the Stock Market's Response to Monetary Policy ShocksScharler, Johann
2005The Price-Setting Behavior of Austrian Firms: Some Survey EvidenceBaumgartner, Josef; Kwapil, Claudia; Scharler, Johann
2005The price-setting behavior of Austrian firms: some survey evidenceKwapil, Claudia; Baumgartner, Josef; Scharler, Johann
2006Do Bank-Based Financial Systems Reduce Macroeconomic Volatility by Smoothing Interest Rates?Scharler, Johann
2007Money market uncertainty and retail interest rate fluctuations: A cross-country comparisonRaunig, Burkhard; Scharler, Johann
2007How Important is Employment Protection Legislation for Foreign Direct Investment Flows in Central and Eastern European Countries?Leibrecht, Markus; Scharler, Johann
2007Interest Rate Pass-Through, Monetary Policy Rules and Macroeconomic StabilityKwapil, Claudia; Scharler, Johann
2007Barriers to technology adoption, international R&D spillovers and growthCrespo Cuaresma, Jesus; Foster, Neil; Scharler, Johann
2007Labour market rigidities, financial integration and international risk sharing in the OECDFidrmuc, Jarko; Foster, Neil; Scharler, Johann
2007The Liquidity Effect in Bank-Based and Market-Based Financial SystemsScharler, Johann
2007Financial Systems and the Cost Channel Transmission of Monetary Policy ShocksKaufmann, Sylvia; Scharler, Johann
2008Marriage, Divorce and Interstate Risk SharingHalla, Martin; Scharler, Johann
2008Marriage, divorce and interstate risk sharingHalla, Martin; Scharler, Johann
2008The Small Open-Economy New Keynesian Phillips Curve: Empirical Evidence and Implied Inflation DynamicsMihailov, Alexander; Rumler, Fabio; Scharler, Johann
2008Marriage, Divorce and Interstate Risk SharingHalla, Martin; Scharler, Johann
2009Volatility, Information and Stock Market CrashesAntonakakis, Nikolaos; Scharler, Johann
2009Government Size and International Consumption Risk SharingLeibrecht, Markus; Scharler, Johann
2009Expected Monetary Policy and the Dynamics of Bank Lending RatesKwapil, Claudia; Scharler, Johann