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Year of PublicationTitleAuthor(s)
2000 Open Market Operations as a Monetary Policy Shock Measure in a Quantitative Business Cycle ModelHeer, Burkhard; Schabert, Andreas
2001 Interest rate policy and the price puzzle in a quantitative business cycle modelSchabert, Andreas
2002 Does broad money matter for interest rate policy?Brückner, Matthias; Schabert, Andreas
2004 On the Relevance of Open Market OperationsSchabert, Andreas
2004 Inflation dynamics and the cost channel of monetary transmissionChowdhury, Ibrahim; Hoffmann, Mathias; Schabert, Andreas
2005 Discretionary policy, multiple equilibria, and monetary instrumentsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Money supply and the implementation of interest rate targetsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Money demand and macroeconomic stability revisitedSchabert, Andreas; Stoltenberg, Christian
2005 Money demand and macroeconomic stability revisitedSchabert, Andreas; Stoltenberg, Christian
2005 Productive Government Expenditure in Monetary Business Cycle ModelsLinnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2005 Debt Non-Neutrality, Policy Interactions, and Macroeconomic StabilityLinnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2005 Discretionary Policy, Multiple Equilibria, and Monetary InstrumentsSchabert, Andreas
2005 Money Supply and the Implementation of Interest Rate TargetsSchabert, Andreas
2006 Distortionary taxation, debt, and the price levelSchabert, Andreas; von Thadden, Leopold
2006 Central Bank Instruments, Fiscal Policy Regimes, and the Requirements for Equilibrium DeterminacySchabert, Andreas
2006 Debt, Deficits, and Destabilizing Monetary Policy in Open EconomiesSchabert, Andreas; van Wijnbergen, Sweder
2008 Optimal Government Spending and UnemploymentLinnemann, Ludger; Schabert, Andreas
2008 Federal Reserve Policy viewed through a Money Supply LossChowdhury, Ibrahim; Schabert, Andreas
2009 An Interest Rate Peg Might Be Better than You ThinkHörmann, Markus; Schabert, Andreas
2009 Monetary Policy under a Fiscal Theory of Sovereign DefaultSchabert, Andreas